TOLLEGNO 1900 AW 22-23: future is now

Three lines interpret the needs of modern men and women, in search of high-performance, comfortable, aesthetically captivating fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. 3DWOOL is the absolute protagonist, even for women. Spotlight on sustainability thanks to the NOW collection and to RWS certified wool.

New purchasing habits, other priorities in the choice of garments to wear and values to promote, such as protection of the environment and centrality of the person and their well-being: the pandemic has imposed a substantial revision of the paradigms, with repercussions for the industrial sector. Tollegno 1900 with the autumn and winter 22-23 fabrics collection interprets these feelings in the three lines ‘Tollegno’, ‘Luxury’, and ‘Donna’.

Concretization of all the corporate values, the Tollegno Line, represented by the exclusive 3DWOOL label, collects and interprets the most widespread products dedicated to men’s clothing. Fabrics for trousers, jackets, and suits with consolidated roots have been updated in style, designs, and colours. Thanks to the most advanced technologies and the results of constant research in the spinning, weaving, and finishing sectors, the fabrics of the company’s historic line, all elasticized so as to be high-performance in yield and comfortable and enveloping to wear, are suitable for the creation of casual-elegant garments.

Four main strengths: aesthetic aspects inspired by knitted fabrics, three-dimensional, matt, loose; super-stretch fabrics that are characterized by maximum elasticity and softness and particular hand and hang; products that can be washed in water and, for the first time, fulled; blends of different fibres to enhance the qualities of each fabric. The result is wool/viscose products with soft and slippery hands, more sporty aspects typical of wool/cotton/linen, and with a three-dimensionality typical of shiny/matt jaspe.

Interpreter of the world of outerwear is the Luxury line, whose fabrics are made by selecting the best noble fibres: cashmere, camel, and wool from the Harmony range. Cashmere gives life to precious double openable fabrics even two-tone, beaver, drap, zibeline effects in various weights and colours, while camel creates more sporty interpretations with raised and structured effects. The Harmony wools, instead, produce combed beavers and three-dimensional patterns. The next cold season will again feature NOW products, made with high percentages of regenerated fibre, a combination of performance, comfort, and sustainability. Another protagonist of the winter collection is the Donna Line, expressed by a wide range of 3D WOOL fabrics presented in colours and designs specially designed to represent the style and taste of ‘her’ world.

Just like in previous years, in 2022-23 Tollegno 1900 continues with the stock service for the products of the 3DWOOL bunch dedicated to tailors and to those who need goods available from stock, but also makes many products available in a version made with RWS certified wool. In the name of environmental protection, the company also makes its collections available not only in the traditional format (charts and fabrics you can touch by hand), but also in digital version, which can be downloaded from the website.

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