Fall winter 2021/22 fabric collection: our 120th anniversary

Sustainability, comfort and performance are the elements that characterise our FW 20/21 collection, which draws inspiration from nature, focuses on innovation and research with its 3DWOOL line as well as to eco-friendliness with its NOW line

Sustainability, comfort and performance are the elements that characterise our FW 20/21 collection, which draws inspiration from nature, focuses on innovation and research with its 3DWOOL line as well as to eco-friendliness with its NOW line

Environment, sustainability, regeneration: 2021/22 must-haves

Environmental protection, habitat preservation and attention to the well-being of its employees are essential precepts for our company which, since its origins, has implemented them in its products. A commitment which we strongly reiterate even on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of our foundation, because our fabrics speak for us, they are a reflection of who we are, how we work and our projection towards the future, seen as a balance between production efficiency and respect for the environment. We put such respect into practice by continuously investing in machinery with a reduced impact on the environment, by constantly innovating our production processes aimed at avoiding any toxic components and by implementing research to encourage the development of products whose mission is being zero impact.

The NOW line – acronym for no waste – is going in this direction, characterised by products made of pure cashmere with blends with a high percentage of recycled fibres. From the regeneration of yarns coming from knitted garments, fabrics for coats and jackets come to life with compact surfaces, with an extremely refined taste and of top quality. Thanks to this recovery operation, it is possible not only to reduce the consumption of fibre, but also of the water and energy required to wash the raw material and eliminate the coarse fibres. A sustainable project throughout the procedure. Our eco-friendly attitude can also be seen in our choice to make the designs and colour charts of the collection available also in digital version, in order to impact even less on our habitat.

3dwool: the fabric that doesn't betray

The common element of the entire collection is the elasticity that finds its perfection in 3DWOOL fabrics. This type of wool fabric, presented both in mono-stretch and bi-stretch versions, thanks to its elasticity value of 18%, guarantees perfect fit and maximum performance to the garment, making it is also suitable for leisure time. Dynamic, Daily, Different

3DWOOL is the best answer for people looking for a solution that allows them to be elegant and at the same time comfortable at any time of the day. The wool used, by virtue of its special elasticity, is ideal for garments which, by combining comfort and style, look good at work and in your free time without foregoing that innate Italian style that is our hallmark worldwide.

Merino wool, always the protagonist

Wool, both pure and mixed with other yarns, is confirmed as the protagonist of the collection, available in fabrics renewed as regards their aspects, designs and range of shades. The colour charts are made with refined melange and mouliné fabrics; the designs, with modernised weights and hands, are instead inspired by the historical archive of Tollegno 1900. A few examples are a saxony fabric made of wool, cotton and linen, suitable for more informal contexts, a twill made of stretch wool/viscose for technical garments and a carded flannel made of stretchy wool/cashmere, characteristic that gives it a contemporary touch.

Also the piece-dyed fabrics that combine classic evergreen shades with a wide range of seasonal colours, allowing for ample customisation possibilities, have a modern allure to them. Special extra-melange dyes also contribute to obtaining various aspects and alternative wavy backgrounds, recognisable by their attenuated, almost faded shades.

The colour factor, together with the mix of fibres, special patterned yarns, weaves, structures and elasticity are the basis of our jacket range, which shows a sports attitude reminiscent of revisited Shetland or jaspé interpreted in the knits or in an evening, almost shiny version in wool/viscose. Even the traditional outerwear in wool lambswool and wool/cashmere are finally renewed thanks to the use of lycra.

Performance and comfort make a perfect partnership, amplified by the attention to sustainability, represented by fabrics whose yarns used and processes preserve the environment and at the same time pamper the skin.

Luxury standing: the quality of excellence

Fabrics produced using noble fibres such as cashmere and camel characterise our Luxury line, in which the zibelline, drap, beaver finishes are available in various weights suitable for jackets and coats. The double openings, on the other hand, are presented with wide bi-colour shades, while special marbled effects are obtained from the combination of mouliné yarns, weaves and finishes. The melton finish that features micro and macro designs suitable for patterned coats deserves special mention.

A distinctive element of this line is the camel fibre which, as an alternative to the more classic cashmere, gives both luxurious and casual aspects, depending on the type of finishing applied and the weaving proposed. If the absolute protagonist is the natural camel tone, with all its variations due to the naturalness of its origin, in order to complete the colour chart there is a selection of medium-dark dyed pieces that can be raw-dyed.

Finally, an important element of the collection is constituted by the fabrics created with the Harmony yarn (100% Merino Wool) which, produced by the Tollegno 1900 Yarn Division, is the emblem and icon of our company all over the world.

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