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The project developed by the company in the name of protecting the environment and people is based on the 6 pillars that define the corporate values.

For the sensitivity it has always shown towards the care of the habitat, respect for the territory and its resources, Tollegno 1900 was chosen among the successful case histories presented during the seminar “Corporate sustainability: tools for a common language”, organized by Uib and Confindustria Piemonte to take stock of the tools and best practices available to companies on this specific issue.

“With a view to continuous improvement in all areas – explains Francesca Carà, Head of Sustainability and Compliance of Tollegno 1900 – companies are called upon to implement actions that have concrete repercussions. Lanificio di Tollegno has therefore developed a “Sustainability and Compliance Plan” articulated on 6 corporate pillars: planet, people, governance, manufacturing, product and community. All the interventions were designed with the aim of encouraging the development of innovative strategies that did not, however, ignore a practical and numerical approach to sustainability. A modus operandi that would therefore allow the measurement of the impacts so as to be able to intervene with targeted, effective and recognized operations. The planned activities also make possible to proactively involve stakeholders at all levels, generating close collaboration with all the interested parties in the supply chain without ever losing focus on the territory”.


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