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Tollegno 1900 transforms Milano Unica into a stage for latest innovations. The most important of which is the 3D WOOL fabric, made from elastic, mono or bi-stretch yarns, guaranteeing excellent wearability and the manufacture of elegant, high-performance clothing. For SS 2019, the Piedmont-based company decided to dedicate an exclusive project to 3D WOOL, which will shortly be introduced to the tailoring division.

Beginning with its leading stand at Milano Unica, the company has developed a genuine 3D WOOL lounge: a warm, welcoming environment where the colours of the furniture recall the tones of the most classic grisailles and the photos hung in a sophisticated play on black and white tell the story of a company that helped shape the industrial history of Biella, while constantly looking to the future.

At the centre of the lounge, visitors are welcomed by a reception island that instantly draws attention to the 3D WOOL fabric with black and orange, colours used to portray a new product created through a symbiosis of extensive experience in the textiles sector and the search for new materials. This is the guiding philosophy of Tollegno 1900, summarised by the claim “Contemporary Tradition”. The stand, which viewed in its totality recalls the idea of a tailor’s shop-lounge, designed to recreate the atmosphere of a fashion house in which to hold meetings far from the chaos of the fair, is inspired by the characteristics of 3D WOOL: dynamic, a stylish, courtesy lounge for working and business people, daily, a genuinely welcoming lounge, without the typical superstructures of a trade fair and different, classic yet contemporary, elegant, traditional yet modern, relaxed.

Thanks to its truly unique qualities, the 3D WOOL fabric has enjoyed much success among Tollegno 1900 clients, leading to the company’s decision to expand the product’s distribution network. Lincoln and Giovanni Germanetti, respectively the MD of Tollegno Holding and GM of Tollegno 1900, declared:3D Wool is a truly exceptional product, created to meet the needs of a demanding clientele looking to feel simultaneously elegant and at ease in any circumstance, at any time of the day, at work and in their free time. It is our belief that this wool is particularly fitting for suits worn by the contemporary man, continuously on the move, always in search of comfort and distinctiveness, by virtue of its unique elasticity. For this reason, tailoring becomes the division of choice for our product, because it is through the process of client personalisation that we are able to offer excellent performance combined with a wide range of variants. We have developed a bunch in 60 variants featuring different patterns and colours, offering tailors the possibility to purchase “ready to make” cuts to create outfits up to step with the times, without foregoing the typical elegance of Made in Italy.”