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The Milanese exhibition centered on fabrics closes with a positive balance: + 29% buyers compared to 2020

“We are not back to normal yet, but the signal is certainly encouraging and the confidence shown by the exhibitors, despite the international climate of uncertainty, was rewarded by the buyers who attended”. This is how the president Alessandro Barberis Canonico commented on the results of Milano Unica who looks to the future with awareness. However, the closing numbers of the exhibition gives hope: + 29% “buyers” compared to 2020, 270 companies that welcomed 3,100 brands to their stands, with a surprising + 42% for foreigners (570): Belgium and Austria (+ 200%), Spain (+ 164%), Germany (+ 107%), Holland (+ 90%), USA (+ 56%) and France (+ 53%). Relevant percentages which, however, do not forget the annus horribilis just concluded.

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