April 8, 1900: once upon a time ...

Since the beginning our brand has been recognized nationally and internationally as a guarantee and synonymous with craftsmanship, quality, luxury and innovation.

1900 – 1950

Tollegno 1900 is an international player in the textile and clothing sector.
His story starts in the beginning of the twentieth century, with the birth of “Filatura e Tessitura di Tollegno”, and the creation of the brand “Lana Gatto”. Founded by some of the main biellese industrial families of that time, it finds its basics in the historic “Lanificio di Rosazza, Agostinetti e Ferrua” operating since 1862. Sooner it states on the textile scene as a company specializing in the production of fine yarns and high quality fabrics.

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Tollegno 1900 - la storia


Always ready to face with changing times and the new requirements of a constantly changing world, Tollegno 1900 decided, in 1985, to further strengthen its production.

Tollegno 1900 invests in new, modern machinery and equipment. A step made possible from the entrance of Germanetti and Maramotti family, alongside the Sella family (the historical shareholder of the firm), inside the company's structure.

Tollegno 1900 - la storia


Tollegno 1900 creates the “Sheep to Shop” project, a path for its customers making the products traceable and certified throughout the production process, starting from the farming.

With 1000 employees worldwide, today Tollegno 1900 is a world leader in the wool textile industry being vertically integrated in the production chain.