Eclectic, contemporary, green. The yarn you would not expect


The wool comes from the Southern part of the world, from non-mulesed breeding where the sheep live, eat and pasture in full respect of their animal rights.

Explorer does not go through chlorine treatments, but nevertheless it complies with the certified washing standards.

Mostly used to make boiled effects, its peculiar finesses leads to innovative exploration in the fashion world.

Thanks to its rustic handfeel it allows to create garments with contemporary taste, and “basic cool” style.

This yarn exalts wool for its most natural side giving at the same time the possibility to knit special stitches and produce unusual garments and accessories.


Its ecological soul is even more emphasized thanks to the possibility of requesting Organica Precious Fiber certificate.

 It’s green, innovative, performing. It’s Explorer by Tollegno 1900.

Illustration by: webdev