New frontiers for sustainable washing: ecotech spheres and filters

They are called Washingballs and Brushing balls the spheres that allow to make industrial finishing saving 70% water and 85% energy. A green innovation that we utilize since 2019. The evolution of the project is a filter, a “biological accelerator” that digests the processing remains and decompose the micro plastics resulting from the washing of synthetics fabrics.


Beaufront logo

With “Sheep to shop”, a tailoring service is promoted which allows the history of your garment to be verified from the sheep to the finished product

CPF: Assessment 4SUSTAINABILITY® 2021


After promoting a study among the associates to evaluate the approach to sustainability, the Consorzio Promozione Filati proposes 3 projects to encourage an increasingly eco-friendly modus operandi.

The wolves of Cracking Art guarding Sala Luce

lupi di luce

Twenty-six artworks created by a movement with strong eco-friendly commitment decorate one of the most evocative spaces of the company. A first installation which will be followed by more


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