Sustainability, comfort, and performance are the cornerstones of Tollegno 1900’s 2021/22 a/w collection, which draws inspiration from nature and proposes the home-wear style even for the most formal clothing, ensuring comfort and ease without compromising style.

Performance and comfort thus come together in a perfect partnership, amplified by the attention to sustainability expressed in fabrics that, thanks to the employed yarns and processes, respect the environment and pamper the skin at the same time. An example of this is a series of water-washable, stretchy, solid-colour, melange, piece-dyed, and micro-patterned fabrics for men’s and women’s trousers, as well as the products of the ‘NOW’ line (acronym for ‘no waste’) made of pure cashmere with a high percentage of fibre blends coming from recycling.

The eco-friendly attitude of Tollegno 1900, combined with the attention to innovation, also shows through the choice of making the designs and colour charts available digitally, so as to have an even smaller impact on the habitat.

The ‘innovation’ factor can also be seen in the development of new products as confirmed by 3DWOOL. Presented in a mono-stretch and bi-stretch version, this type of wool fabric, reaching an elasticity of 18%, guarantees the garment a perfect fit and maximum performance so much so that it is suitable even for leisure. ‘Dynamic, Daily, Different’ by name and by nature – – “Dynamic: The right mate to give value to your freedom life”, “Daily: Your 24 hours fabric:  the best partner from smart work to smart time”, “Different: The correct interpreter for your multitasking life” – 3DWOOL embraces most of the products by offering a bunch of variants with stock service.

While wool, as in the case of 3DWOOL, is the main character of the collection, a key role is also played by noble yarns such as cashmere and camel, protagonists of the Luxury line, in which the zibeline, drap, and beaver finishes are proposed in various weights suitable for jackets and coats. ‘A distinctive feature of this line is the camel fibre, which, as an alternative to the more classic cashmere, gives both luxurious and sporty aspects depending on the type of finishing applied and weave proposed’, the company specifies.

Finally, an important role in the 2021/22 offer is played by the fabrics made with the Harmony yarn (100% Merino Wool), which, produced by the Tollegno 1900 Yarn Division, is the emblem and icon of the company all over the world.