In Harmony with Nature: all the well being of nature

Wool as an expression of an existential ‘feel’ and ‘approach’ that promotes harmonization between body and spirit, between emotion and thought. Tollegno 1900’s collection celebrates the qualities of the noble yarn par excellence, which, layer after layer, lends itself to a myriad of uses, enveloping and protecting, regardless of the passing of the seasons.

The history of a company is also told through its products. Starting from this postulate, Tollegno 1900 asserts its identity, developing for 2025 a collection that is an expression of the values and productive skills that have made it one of the protagonists of the Italian and international textile sector. Innovation, research, creativity, and experimentation become the pillars of a path of growth and development that has made valuing and respect for nature its focus and the dissemination of the culture of personal well-being its objective.

Wool having no equal in nature is therefore unquestionable.

And it is precisely to this uniqueness that Tollegno 1900 dedicates its collection, which, presented at Pitti Immagine Filati 95, goes beyond the passage of time, promotes its myriad uses, celebrates its versatility, and brings out its qualities. Because wool is not just wool: it is history and innovation, tradition and experimentation, past and future together.

A journey into the world of wool, a fibre with multiple souls that makes versatility one of its distinctive features and its connection with the environment its essence. Under the name of ‘In Harmony with nature’, a path of value thus takes shape, dedicated to the noble fibre par excellence that knows no season, highlighting its countless virtues.

Thermoregulatory, breathable, antistatic, shape-retaining and wrinkle-resistant, durable and resistant to weather, wool goes beyond collective imagination, becoming more than just yarn. It is evocation and emotion, a symbol of immersion in the peace of nature, an expression of a world whose standard is balance. But it is also a way of approaching life, respectful of the surrounding universe, sensitive to the needs of those who inhabit it, and attentive to promoting well-being.
The attention to colour and the vocation for seeking ever-new hues have paved the way, and Tollegno 1900 follows it by creating a new service for its customers, which also tells a lot about its history. From the attention that the company has always reserved for the world of colours comes ‘The Colour Archive’, which, divided into 4 books, presents a selection of the shades developed by Tollegno 1900 in the last decade as a corollary to the palettes specially designed for the collections.

 An alphabet of shades that outlines a unique rainbow, capable of also narrating the evolutions undergone by fashion over the years: from the era of the basic to that of neon, passing through pastels and natural tones, ‘The Color Archive’ of Tollegno 1900 is a symbolic journey through time and an itinerary through the emotions that colours – like music and words – know how to evoke.

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