Time for new visions: tollegno 1900 reinterprets some iconic yarns

Research as a premise for identifying new areas of growth. Research as an ambassador of a philosophy that makes constant evolution its cornerstone. Research as a functional tool to open new paths and channels of expression. The 2024 Spring/Summer collection by Tollegno 1900 fully embraces this feeling, focusing on rethinking some of its iconic yarns which, due to their characteristics and usability, become a guide on how to interpret the world of knitwear in new ways. In the name of innovation and sustainability, the collection for the next warm season opens up to new visions that overcome the limit of time and leave room for free interpretation and creativity.
The protagonists of this further step in the “Wool Journey” that symbolically began with the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter collection are the yarns that have already marked the cold season, reinterpreted in a different key as regards processing, stitches, and techniques. The resulting products lay the foundations for the future steps that the brand will take in the coming years

The 2023-2024 Fall/Winter collection was thus the starting point for the development of the 2024 Spring/Summer proposals, some of which stand out for their green soul, thinness, transversal use and non-seasonality. To continue on the path traced by Tollegno 1900’s wool journey, Biolino, Flaxi, Harmony RWS 2/30 and 2/48 and Harmony 4.0 2/30- 2/48, Icewool, Woolcot Bio, New Royal 2/60, Agreable 2/80 and Nuage were given a new interpretation.

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