Making way for essence at the heart of an identity

The history of a company is also told through its products. Starting from this premise, Tollegno 1900 affirms its identity, developing a collection for fall/winter 2023/24 which is a summary and expression of the values (research, innovation and sustainability) and production capabilities that have transformed it into one of the leading companies in the Italian and international textile industry.

On the strength of this knowledge, for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, Tollegno 1900 has placed itself symbolically at the centre of its collection, taking an in-depth look both at its yarns, which have over time made it instantly recognisable, and at the latest products which are already destined to become icons.

In the F/W 23/24 collection, sustainability is once again fundamental, as confirmed by the “nature” of the main yarn (wool is universally recognised as one of the most eco-friendly and high-performance fibres in the world) and by the certifications that we have obtained. In particular, the most prominent products are “RWS” (the standard for the welfare of sheep and respect for their environment) and “NATIVA PRECIOUS FIBER”, a guarantee of garments made with natural fibres in full respect of the environment and animals.

A sustainable component which can also be seen in the decision to produce the book entirely from 100% recycled, biodegradable, FSC certified, chlorine free and natural carbon paper.


A journey into the world of wool in its pure form or blended with other fine and natural yarns, such as cashmere, silk and cotton. A path of excellence that highlights the inspiration and multiple features that make it suitable for myriads of uses. An itinerary mapped out by 19 yarns that retrace the history of Tollegno 1900 and open up new paths.

Collection Book is all this. But also much more, it offers a visual&touch experience that replaces words with the senses of sight and touch, thanks to cards in which ample space is given to the tangible product.

The section entitled “Harmony world” opens the first part of the book, showcasing all the products linked to the 100% extra-fine Merino wool yarn which is the company’s hallmark: “Harmony”.

The second part of the book instead focuses on super fine wools, in their pure form, both mixed with fine yarns such as silk, cotton and cashmere.

The latest products concern the wool & cashmere combination in particular, which include the new entry, “Soulful”, introducing a new concept of self care and wellness best expressed in sporty, chic outfits, the epitome of refinement and sophistication, reflected it its name.

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