The fall winter 2021/22 collection celebrates our 120th anniversary

To celebrate this milestone, we have created Collection Box, an expression of our philosophy and our lifestyle.

The future lies in our origins: 120 years of history are the foundations and the springboard on which to build the future. With this in mind and with this strength, we remember an important birthday, making it the beginning of a new phase of our path centred on tradition, innovation, sustainability.

Three strong points that have defined our company since its birth, gradually assuming a central role in its growth.

More than a hundred-year-old knowledge of Merino Wool and its blends has in fact committed attention to environmental protection, demonstrated with the use of eco-friendly processes and certifications, in the implementation of eco-friendly energy resources and in the choice of zero impact as a guideline.

With the support of these pillars, Tollegno 1900 is projected towards new challenges. The Fall Winter 2021/22 collection is among them. The traditional Luxury, Classic and Performance collections give way to a new articulation and presentation of the yarns which, grouped into 9 family-cards, always come in a box made of recycled cardboard.

Collection box – this is the name coined for the collection – thus becomes not only the sublimation of all our values, but also an extraordinary edition developed to leave a tangible mark of the 120 years of our company.

Collection box: the world of tollegno 1900 is unveiled

Nine cards to represent 9 universes of which Merino wool is the sun. With Collection Box, the traditional division between Luxury, Classic and Performance lines is overcome and the yarns are grouped into families united by workmanship, style, intrinsic characteristics.

The cards, which represent the world they interpret right from the name of the families – The Harmony and Free, The Greens, Just Felted, The 4.0 Area, The Ultra Wool, The Bulky Wool, So Comfy, The Fancy, and The Blends – are collected in a sustainable box made of entirely recycled cardboard.

Harmony colours: new proposals for a renewed image

The colour chapter, in the Collection Box, sees a renewed portfolio for Harmony made up of 150 stock service shades and 20 moulinè.

The key colours are both cold and warm: in fact, they range from whites to greys with powerful colour interlacing, among which the greens, purples, neutrals but also earthy nuances such as orange and browns stand out.

We work to maintain a constant balance between production efficiency and respect for the environment, creating the basis for a circular economy that makes sustainability, intelligent recycling and sensible reuse its strong points.

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