ECOllection SS 2023

Green attitude and biostyle define the new sustainable offer by Tollegno 1900

ECOllection Tollegno1900

Green, innovative, versatile, and creative: ECOllection entrusts to 4 yarns the telling of the story and evolution of the company, of the strong values ​​in which it believes, and its projection into the future. Storytelling expressed in an ECObook which, synthesis of the research and studies on yarns carried out by Tollegno 1900 in recent years, holds the company’s most sustainable collection, destined to go beyond spring/summer 2023, precisely for its timeless value.

To make it so that the ECOllection yarns could be fully appreciated, we thought of a Book that would not be just a sum of technical data sheets, but an actual vade mecum to use as inspiration. For each yarn we have outlined the characteristics, together with a stylistic column, a selection of stitches with respective explanation, and their colour palette. But ECOllection and ECOBook are much more than that: they are a declaration of love to Extrafine Merino Wool in its RWS variant, and a celebration of the value of some natural yarns such as European Flax® certified Linen and Organic Cotton

Biolino’, ‘Flaxi’, ‘Icewool RWS’, and ‘Woolcot Bio’: these are the names of the 4 yarns that mark the eco-friendliest collection of Tollegno 1900, distinguished by the main fibre that qualifies them – Extrafine Merino Wool RWS – and by their innate sustainable soul.

ECOllection Tollegno1900


Being sustainable for Tollegno 1900 is a choice, the result of the desire to have an active role in preserving the habitat in which it operates, in safeguarding the people with whom it collaborates, and in offering an eco-friendly, traceable product that respects the well-being of those who choose it.

Being sustainable for Tollegno 1900 is a responsibility that the company expresses with constant investments in systems and machinery to keep their environmental impact under control and, at the same time, guarantees with certificates that prove the compliance of the production and processing of yarns and fabrics with precise green regulations.

Being sustainable for Tollegno 1900 is part of its creed, which comes to life through concrete actions aimed at preserving natural resources and ensuring maximum safety thanks to production processes that are free from the use of any toxic component.

Being sustainable for Tollegno 1900 is a question of style, which must be consistent with the company’s feeling and harmonious with its identity.

From this context comes ECOllection, the culmination of a path of awareness but above all a springboard toward new developments.

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