We make Merino Wool our ambassador in the world, in sustainability the fil rouge of all our choices and technological innovation a lighthouse in defining our development.

If research is our guide in seeking solutions that allows us to improve our yarns and services, people with their skills and the know-out gained in over a hundred years of history are our strength.

Experimenting is our priority and opening to new projects is a stimulus we do not give up, thanks also to the collaboration with international partners who share our vision.

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Loreto Di Rienzo, Dyloan’s Technology Ambassador, anticipates the projects on which the company specialized in manufacturing for fashion, art and design sectors is working. Mono-materials and upcycling are the key points.
What are the characteristics that make merino wool a unique yarn? A journey through the qualities of a fiber that has no equal ...

Making way for essence at the heart of an identity

Green attitude and biostyle define the new sustainable offer by Tollegno 1900