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Ecological fiber produced from eucalyptus trees, after being used in the furniture sector, is increasingly used in clothing as well. This is confirmed by the product that sees it mixed with wool in the SS 2023 fabrics collection by Tollegno 1900

It is green because it is obtained from the pulp of the wood of eucalyptus trees which, in addition to having the advantage of naturally absorbing moisture, require very little water to grow and no pesticides. It is transversal because it is used not only in fabrics for furnishings, but also for garments for the safety of workers and for daily clothing. What makes Tencel-Lyocell an increasingly popular fiber for making dress are its characteristics, such as considerable resistance, durability – it remains in perfect condition even after many washes, without creasing or shrinking – the ability to absorb moisture that , quickly released to the outside, thus limits the growth of bacteria on the skin, the remarkable breathability and the great adaptability to high temperatures managing to withstand up to 40°C.

What are the characteristics that make merino wool a unique yarn? A journey through the qualities of a fiber that has no equal ...
Chosen from 33 designers and students from Europe, the United States, South America and Asia based on the votes collected by their outfits only on the site, the 5 creatives aim for the third phase of the Contest promoted and organized by Feel The Yarn®: the election of the overall winner. During Pitti immagine Filati 91, an international jury will decide who to award the final prize, consisting in the creation of a mini-collection mainly in knitwear for the SS23 season, created with the support of the spinning mills associated with the Consorzio Promozione Filati - CPF and the collaboration of some Italian knitwear.
After two terms at the helm of the CPF, Federico Gualtieri passes the baton to Alberto Enoch, CEO of Servizi Seta srl based in Biella. The election of the new President was preceded by the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors.
Longtime partner of Tollegno 1900, the Marche based company specialized in knitted fashion accessories such as gloves, hats, and scarves is ready to launch its own highly sustainable brand.
Historic Agent of Tollegno 1900, the authentic Bolognese with a passion for rallies talks about his experience in the company and outlines a perspective for the future.
How much wool does a sheep produce?

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