Wool and cashmere are tinged with emotion with a method that combines art and technique, craftsmanship and innovation. This is explained by Loredana Giovannini who transforms sweaters and coats into rainbow pictorial canvases

Recovering dyeing and printing techniques that have their roots in the mists of time, rediscovering that tenaciously Italian craftsmanship capable of transforming each creation into a work of art. The essence of the Manual Printing Technique that Loredana Giovannini has been pursuing for over 30 years is all here. Clothing made with noble natural fibers, such as merino wool and cashmere, are converted into canvases on which painting pictures and give shape to visions and emotions. If brushes, rollers and airbrushes become the tools of the imagination, nature and the infinite range of its shades are the main inspiration.

95% of the students that attended the two- year post high school course of high technical specialization belonging to ITS system has a job in the specialized area within one year from the end of the studies.
The Indire 2021 monitoring has awarded the Piemontese ITS as the best technical high school of fashion in all of Italy
The Tollegno 1900 Historical Archive is also among the topics covered in the cycle of seminars dedicated to the memory of fashion.
Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi , creators of Shi.RT which elects the shirt as the protagonist, guide us on a journey into creativity to understand how a collection is born, the role of fabrics, yarns, and color.
An exhibition centred on the stage costumes and jewels of Puccini’s opera is the main event of the 2021 season of the art space. From 22 May to 21 November in Prato
After ‘Lupi di Luce’ (Wolves of Light), a new installation by the artistic movement animates the company’s Sala Luce (Light Hall). The artwork will be available for visits from 3 June to 23 July 2021

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