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Exhibitions, museums, cultural spaces that have made textiles and yarns their center. Where are they?

Set up in an area of the spinning, preparation and weaving laboratories of the “V.E.Marzotto” Industrial Technical Institute, whose headquarters date back to 1936 by will of Count Gaetano Marzotto who inserted the structure within the “social city”, the Museum of the Textile Machines is one of the flagships of Valdagno. It is housed in an industrial warehouse, with columns and architraves in reinforced concrete and a tabbed roof with lattice beams in the same material, according to the architectural style that is also found in some parts of the Lanificio Marzotto. Its interior is characterized by systems such as the freight elevator with the basement and the nebulization humidification system. Opened since 1999 and enriched and perfected over the years, the Museum aims to bear witness to the technological progress of a productive sector – textiles – which has profoundly marked the city and the territory. With this aim, in the Weaving Room, destined to remain the responsibility of the School for educational activities, you can not only see the latest generation looms in operation for smooth and textured fabrics, but also compare different design and production methods.

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