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It is spelled T.E.C. but it is read Total Easy Care, one of the treatments that define the yarns of the 4.0 family, which includes products on which various features have been applied jointly. The result? Maximum levels of performance

Quality of the yarn and innovation of the applied treatments: these are the guidelines that outline our modus operandi. Faithful to this principle, we have developed some treatments that allow us to achieve these goals. T.E.C. is among them

Let’s know better the world of spinning and weaving starting from the most used terms and from our Company
Even the treatments applied to fabrics to refine them are not excluded from the development of latest-generation techniques and methods to achieve excellence
The fall / winter 2022/23 collection, ready to be presented to UK buyers on 14 and 15 September with a workshop organized by Feel the Yarn
Check against the problems of overproduction, dead stocks and the difficulties in disposing of raw materials with services that make digitization an asset, with repercussions also for sustainability.
Appointment on 6 and 7 September at the Four Season Hotel for the presentation of the autumn / winter 2022/23 yarn collection
Nuage and Icewool among the products presented during the workshop “Fluid /w 22.23 - Prèsentation des fils italiens” organized by Feel the Yarn.

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