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Fabrics, Style trends, T Talk
| Fabrics, Style trends, T Talk
The dynamic, daily, and different fabric chosen by Denis Frison brand to create an updated version of Gianni Agnelli’s most loved garment.

Classic style, tweed taste, and impeccable cut and light color with a marked propensity for earthy nuances: these are the distinctive features of the “Giacca dell’Avvocato” created by Denis Frison, tailor, and designer, but above all creative and esthete with a strong feeling for the vintage fabrics that he uses to create flavorful outfits. Garments that “wrap like a hug and do not squeeze but above all are a clear declaration of one’s identity, of “one’s way of reading and live the day” without compromising with “ease” feeling good. Jackets and outerwear, but also sweaters, shirts, pants, and sweatshirts designed for the Gentlemen Style that searches for clothes that combine innate elegance and comfort, taste, and grace, becoming expression “of passion and not only simple clothes to cover up”.

Tollegno 1900 welcomed Woolmark Performance Challenge 2020 winner Bettina Blomstedt, whose project was among the winners of the competition aimed at enhancing the thousand uses of Merino wool, for a two-week internship.
We believe in the value of certificates that prove the compliance of our products and processes with specific standards to give the customer a plus in value. An expert explains why they are important
What is the status of Italian companies in terms of protecting the environment and people? What are the limits with which they must deal? Did the Pandemic represent an opportunity? This is explained by Francesca Rulli, CEO of Process Factory and creator of the 4sustainability system and brand.
Appointment from 2 to 4 February 2022 at Stazione Leopolda in Florence with the reference show for yarns and knitwear. Tollegno 1900 will be present!
The project, funded by the European Commission, aims to explore solutions for fair and effective market surveillance on textile products.
Prestigious yarns for niche realizations that are intended for furniture and lining for aircrafts and helicopters.

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