Automation and technological research
are our cornerstones

We build our future by investing in technology and innovation, certain that change arises from the harmony between new ideas and technically advanced practices

Thanks to our solid organisational structure and a cutting-edge production process, we invest about 7% of our consolidated turnover in modernisation. Research, digitisation, automation are part of a constant evolution process that leads us to improve the quality of our product and the effectiveness of our service.

The totally computerised yarn warehouse, the completely renovated weaving department with 80 new looms, the completely revised finishing sector are just some of the pieces of a wide-ranging project aimed at making our company an eco-sustainable brand, a highly modern brand for production methods and processing, a visionary partner in planning but concrete in operating.

An ambitious goal that we entrust to our internal Laboratory, where we constantly work to find new yarns and fabrics capable of combining sustainability, performance and comfort, and to our digital-tech division.

They are entrusted with the task of developing solutions that, by exploiting the advantages of technology, optimise our actions and reduce our impact on the environment without compromising on the value of the products and our performance.

However, being innovative for us at Tollegno 1900 is much more: it means finding new approaches to enhance our sector, identifying modern formats to give you new impetus, testing solutions that enrich the whole sector.

It also means being ahead of the times, being pioneers and not being afraid to open new paths that can integrate our growth path.

Our TLAB is all of this: a creative pole resulting from the rationalisation of interior spaces and processing paths, a comfortable place to welcome customers and visitors, a concept dedicated to the display of collections, but also an environment in which to design and discuss through workshops, meetings and themed meetings.

Research, digitisation, automation are part of a process of constant evolution that leads us to improve the quality of our fabrics and yarns and the effectiveness of our service. Because innovation, technology and sustainability can be two sides of the same coin