Wool is our ambassador

We are among the leading Italian manufacturers of fabrics and yarns, focusing on sustainability and innovation. Merino wool and innovative textile fibres are our strong points

We were founded in 1900 and in over 100 years of history we have given life to a project that has chosen merino wool and fine fibres as cornerstones, as well as quality, innovation and sustainability.

Within our company, we integrate the entire production chain – from raw materials to yarn making, right up to weaving – and thanks to our solid competence built over the years, to a tenaciously Italian know-how and an international outlook we have managed to take our products all around the world.

We are proudly tied to our history, but always oriented towards the future; we promote and enhance our land, but we are projected into the world as demonstrated by our offices located in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Osaka; we make the Biellese wool textile tradition the springboard for developing new paradigms that favour the growth of our sector.

Research is what leads us, and attention to the environment is a responsibility as well as an ethical duty. For this reason, we make choices and investments that are consistent with this philosophy: elements that affect both the structure of our company, a rare example of industrial archaeology, and our methods of processing yarns and fabrics, as well as the certifications confirming our commitment and our vocation to sustainability.

We are not scared of experimenting; looking for innovative solutions that allow us to improve our products and services is among our priorities, for which we constantly allocate resources.

Opening up to new projects is a stimulus we do not wish to give up, thanks to collaborations with international partners with whom we share visions and objectives.

Research and innovation are our guide, sustainability is an ethical duty and attention to our internal resources and their well-being is our commitment

Giorgio Oppici for Tollegno 1900

Our strength is the people, their skills and knowledge, their passion and resilience that allow us to continue to develop unique products, which are our identity.

If our love for a fibre that has no equal in characteristics and qualities – merino wool – is what supports us, what characterises us instead is the combination of Heritage & Innovation which finds its pinnacle in our Historical Archive, one of the largest in Europe. Booklets, photographs, documents, fabrics and yarns not only tell of an entrepreneurial adventure that began over a century ago but are also witnesses of the cultural transformations undergone by our country.

This is who we are. This is Tollegno 1900.