Spring Summer 2022 fabric collection: a world in 3DWOOL

For the hot season, our Tollegno 1900 performing fabric is available in the Smart working and Smart time lines, along with the innovative family of Freedom Feeling products

The protagonist of the spring summer 2022 collection is 3DWOOL which, due to its characteristics, best expresses look requirements that have come about following a change in habits and way of life imposed by the pandemic.

These 5 main assets make it a must-have fabric: performing – due to its specific structure, it can count on high qualities of elasticity when stretched and recover its original conditions (Stretch recovery) – exclusive – made with yarns and colours produced exclusively by the company supply chain (starting from the choice of the most suitable wools for each single fabric, from preparation to spinning, from warping to weaving up to special finishing, each phase is performed internally) – innovative (each processing and production step is the result of the most modern technologies and processes and latest generation production procedures) and modern. Thanks to the work of our creative staff in collaboration with all the divisions of Tollegno 1900, every season the fabrics are in fact updated on the basis of new trends and moods.

However, what makes 3DWOOL the best travel companion for everyday life is also its sustainable and eco-friendly nature. Its production takes place in full compliance with current regulations in terms of eco-friendliness and respect for the environment, since they are carried out in factories that use clean energy and water purification: our pride. Last but not least, many products of this type are available with fully traceable wools and production processes that guarantee sustainability and the whole production in full respect of the environment. An example of this is the RWS (Responsible Wool Standards) certification, which tracks and confirms the entire production of the fabric, the origin of the wool and considers the welfare of the sheep, from their health to their habitat.

3DWOOL: from Smart-working to Smart-time

A single common thread – 3DWOOL – and a single approach philosophy (be smart) define two different but complementary needs: professional life (from office to business trip, up to the more formal institutional commitments) and free time, characterised by leisure moments in the name of comfort. 3DWOOL gives them the right importance with two dedicated lines: Smart-working and Smart-time

If, in the more professional version, the Smart-working fabrics, with their super-light weights and compact hands, are declined in rigorous designs and colours, but not stuffy (natural shades, blue, classic navy, black and shades of melange grey), in the variant for formal dresses, the combination of wool/silk and micro-jacquard wool weaves are the preferred choice. Specific finishes give the fabrics slippery, soft, shiny hands that are sometimes shiny but never ostentatious.

The range of Smart-time proposals, on the other hand, turns to pure wool fabrics with creative designs, bright colours, rubbery hands and highlighted by super-stretch structures (elasticity greater than 25% when stretched). This range also features fabrics made by mixing wool with other fibres such as cotton, linen and viscose, in order to obtain more rustic and sporty aspects or more slippery and soft hands.

Also worthy of note are the jackets, studied in their designs and structures to give them a three-dimensional look, and the trousers, which are dressed in new patterns and colours to give the wearer a more casual verve.

Finally, an added value is the water repellent treatment that makes bi-stretch structures suitable for making garments intended for outerwear.

The collection for the next hot season, however, brings with it further innovation as well as the development of a new woman project.

A new finishing, new structures and yarn combinations give life to the family of fabrics renamed “Freedom Feeling” which, despite having characteristics of performance, elasticity, appearance and hand closer to a knitted fabric than a woven one, still maintains its dimensional stability values due to its orthogonal fabric. Fabrics that are easy to understand, suitable for casual but elegant clothing, fluid but elastic, resistant and naturally anti-wrinkle, easy to work with and suitable for making modern jackets, trousers and suits.

Complementing the main collection, traditionally meant for men, a line has also been designed for women, highly distinguishable in terms of types of colours, designs and patterns.

The Spring Summer 2022 collection is available both in physical folders and in digital format.

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