Also for 2024 Lana Gatto took part in the H+H Fair in Cologne with a stand that attracted the attention of the international buyers present and the participants in the event. “For this edition of the event – say Lana Gatto – the shades that defined our exhibition space have been changed, in response to market trends, but also to the philosophy of the brand. In fact, three nuances with warm but very contemporary tones were chosen which visually gave greater breadth to the display. Also in the sign of modernity are the furnishings, markedly designer to give the stand the image of a showroom, the graphics both external and internal and, last but not least, the entirely LED lighting to underline the attention we have always reserved for sustainability”. To complete the stand there was a monitor where a 15-minute video dedicated to Tollegno 1900 – the brand to which Lana Gatto belongs – was shown in loop, to its TLab research area, to the process of creating the Lana Gatto collections , to the birth of the balls of yarn and photo shoots of the garments made with the brand’s yarns. “Always to highlight the attention paid by the brand to protecting the environment and people, we created 100% natural gadgets that were given as gifts to our customers. Bags in cotton and cotton/cork, bamboo key rings, bag/pocket notes in bamboo but also in recycled paper and cardboard, pens in bamboo and wheat fibre, bag mirrors in bamboo were much appreciated”.


Graphic design and web development: 3PM Studio
Copywriting: Raffaella Borea
SEO: Gilberto Rivola
Photography: Marzia Pozzato