Wool paves the way for Tollegno 1900 which adopts the ultimate natural yarn not only as its beacon but also as an inspiration and travelling companion. The brand continues along this path in 2024 by creating a collection that transcends seasonality, one that blurs the lines between winter and summer, and goes beyond the concept of a specific period by promoting a sense of “timelessness”.

Starting from this premise, the brand affirms its identity, thus developing a “timeless” collection which is a summary and expression of the values (research, innovation and sustainability) and production capabilities that have transformed it into one of the leading companies in the Italian and international textile industry.

In the name of “Warm Wool, planet cool”, underlining its long-standing commitment to environmental protection and promotion of sustainability as a guideline for its development, Tollegno 1900 continues its journey of discovery into the world of wool, which becomes both the subject and object of new visions and experimentation.

From the “Lana sport” (Sport Wool) version of the early twentieth century to the latest generation 4.0, the 2024 collection lays out a path marked by the highly versatile fibre and its many virtues: insulating, soft on the skin, antistatic, shape-retention, wrinkle-resistant, durable and resistant to external agents, wool thus becomes a raw material for developing projects that go “beyond” expectations. From sport to lifestyle, interior design and art, this extraordinary yarn creates new ides in a wide variety of contexts.

The continuation of Tollegno 1900’s wool journey, which began in previous years, is narrated by a new “Book”, made entirely of recycled paper printed using solar energy in keeping with the brand’s eco-friendly focus, that is divided into four core themes- “Ultrafini e pregiati”, “Iconic Merinos”, “Low Luxury Keys” and “Hyper Texture” – that tell its story and, at the same time, project it into the future.


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