Spring summer 2022 collection:
eco-fashion and innovation

Sustainability defines the yarns of spring summer fashion with two new eco-friendly products and digitally printed colour charts

Continuity and evolution: this (apparent) contrast is the basis of the Tollegno 1900 Spring Summer 2022 collection which, on the one hand, continues the path designed last winter by Collection Box and, on the other hand, completes it by adding new products.

One element integrates the 9 families which characterised the proposal with which we celebrated our first 120 years of business (The Harmony and Free, The Greens, Just Felted, The 4.0 Area, The Ultra Wool, The Bulky Wool, So Comfy, The Fancy , and The Blends): it is The Cellulosic & Organic Blends, a piece that perfects the collection, capturing its whole essence.

With its two yarns – Flaxwool, harmony of linen and extrafine merino wool, and Woolcot Bio, a conscious core product that makes the partnership between RWS certified extrafine merino wool and organic cotton its distinctive feature – the new yarn family 2022, seasonless, eco-friendly and digital, is the full expression of our eco-fashion brand, recognisable straight from its presentation: it always comes in a mini sustainable box made of entirely recycled cardboard.

What put the emphasis on attention to environmental protection are, however, also other choices such as proposing colour cards, also in digital printing. The digital component is an important pillar of this collection: with this formula, the digital palette of Harmony was developed, our iconic yarn that is also the protagonist of the company’s evolutions with regard to eco-friendliness and innovative textile materials.

In addition to its basic version, the Spring Summer collection will therefore speak the language of Harmony 4.0, with 4 high-tech features (Total easy care, Compact, High Twist and Eco Idro) and Harmony 4.0 Silk which, being the result of the research of internal laboratory in Tollegno 1900, owes its uniqueness to the ability to harmonise the maximum performance qualities of Harmony 4.0 with the pluses of silk as regards contact on the skin and naturalness. Innovation and performance then go hand in hand with comfort with our New Royal 4.0, 100% ultrafine merino wool which, being total easy care, compact, high twist and eco-hydro, has all the credentials to best suit the needs of the warmest seasons of the year.

Other yarns complete the collection which, thanks to their intrinsic characteristics, have already managed to conquer a leading role in the market: the most popular ones are Sultano (ultrafine merino wool and silk), Charme (ultrafine high quality merino wool, ideal for enhancing the finest and lightest knitwear), Vicky (viscose and extrafine merino) and Elascot (95% cotton with a reduced elastic component) which, being soft, enveloping and naturally comfortable, have been designed to pamper and, at the same time, design a personal and exclusive indoor and outdoor style.

These are yarns whose value is also closely linked to fineness, excellence of workmanship and versatility of use. Versatility is also what qualifies Re-Abarth.

Using the characteristics of Pure New Wool and recycled polyamide, the Abarth performing yarn reaches towards sustainable fashion, thus allowing the creation of garments ideal to suit the needs of comfort and performance of the contemporary man, attentive to the functionality of what he wears but sensitive to sustainability of yarns and treatments.

Starting with those concerning the colours inspired by nature and the environment.

This collection is the full expression of our eco-friendly attitude, recognisable right from the presentation, recognisable straight from its presentation: it always comes in a mini sustainable box made of entirely recycled cardboard.
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