A new concept of fabric,
a new way of dressing

From smart working to smart time, an innovative textile to accompany you in your daily life with a view to wearability and usability.

Years of research and investments in technologies applied to yarn making have allowed us to develop a completely new line of fabrics like no other on the market: 3DWOOL. What makes them unique are their characteristics, which mix the best of woven fabrics with the elasticity properties of jersey ones.

The result is highly performing textiles, guaranteed by the perfect balance between the LYCRA® core, that gives the yarn its elasticity, and the finest wools which, by completely covering the yarn, give the products a typical softness. A wide range of products is also available with RWS certified wool and with machine-washable wool.

The manufacturing processes for their production are carried out entirely in Italy in the Tollegno factory, using environmentally sustainable systems and processes and also limiting the use of chemical products as much as possible.

The philosophy that distinguishes them - DYNAMIC - DAILY - DIFFERENT - makes them perfect for creating highly innovative clothing for men or women, ideal for smart working and smart time.

3DWOOL for performance and ethics

future is now


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