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The company active since 1973 in Masserano, is the first company in Italy to have reached the level of excellence in the 4sustainability® Chemical Management protocol

Valuable result for Tintoria e Finissaggio 2000 which rises to the podium of best performance in terms of sustainability, earning praise in the Chemical Management protocol of 4sustainability®, a Process Factory brand that certifies the adhesion of fashion & luxury companies to the roadmap for green attitude.

What is meant by the new renaissance of luxury? How does contemporary man fit into this scenario? This is explained by Shawn Pean, creative director of the New York brand that has chosen 3DWOOL among the fabrics for its garments.
It is spelled T.E.C. but it is read Total Easy Care, one of the treatments that define the yarns of the 4.0 family, which includes products on which various features have been applied jointly. The result? Maximum levels of performance
The plant native to Sudan is the basis of a treatment that gives merino wool even more softness. A caress for the skin, soothed by the skin-protective and moisturizing action.
From the Mexican company, an entirely plant-based alternative to leather made from cactus leaves. A habitat-friendly product that has already won prizes and awards
The editor and CEO of View Publications takes stock of the situation in the yarn sector, focusing on the new way of communicating and on the sides to which companies are called in the short term
A 100% natural yarn that protects you even from UVA rays is one of the must-have products of the Lana Gatto summer collection

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