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| Style trends, T Network, Yarn
Pristine atolls, crystal-clear waters, luxuriant vegetation, dazzling sun, intense light, and a desire to live: the islands that separate the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea become muses for the summer collection of the historic hand-knitting brand Lana Gatto, synonymous, since 1900, with fine and high-quality yarns 100% made in Italy. A celebration of colours and luminescence, of chromatic plays and intense nuances to create outfits and accessories with a strong aesthetic impact

What do Martinique and Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Cuba and Jamaica, Aruba and Grenada, Cayman and Saint Martin have in common? In addition to being 8 Caribbean paradises, they are the inspiration for Lana Gatto’s ‘Fashion’ collection for spring/summer 2023. The Antilles, with their crystal-clear sea, the long white beaches dotted with palm trees and hibiscus, the burning sun and the intense nuances that paint the towns that run along the coasts, have thus become the canvas on which Lana Gatto painted its proposal for the hot season.


Nine yarns, whose guidelines are lightness and light and whose distinctive trait is bright colours, allow you to create outfits, accessories, but also products for home interior design that dress with summer not only the wardrobe, but also the home

Two books tell about Tollegno 1900 through its iconic yarns, inviting to a wool journey of visual and tactile suggestions. With "Cosy" and "Soulful" there is also space for new products in the name of self care
Who are the students who took care of creating the presentation book of the spring / summer 2023 collection? How did they live the experience in Tollegno 1900? What are their goals? A video tells them
Student of Fashion and Knit Design at the Design School of the Politecnico of Milano, the young creative of knitwear has been combined with Tollegno 1900 for the 2022 edition of Feel The Contest
Ecological fiber produced from eucalyptus trees, after being used in the furniture sector, is increasingly used in clothing as well. This is confirmed by the product that sees it mixed with wool in the SS 2023 fabrics collection by Tollegno 1900
Chosen from 33 designers and students from Europe, the United States, South America and Asia based on the votes collected by their outfits only on the feeltheyarn.it site, the 5 creatives aim for the third phase of the Contest promoted and organized by Feel The Yarn®: the election of the overall winner. During Pitti immagine Filati 91, an international jury will decide who to award the final prize, consisting in the creation of a mini-collection mainly in knitwear for the SS23 season, created with the support of the spinning mills associated with the Consorzio Promozione Filati - CPF and the collaboration of some Italian knitwear.
How much wool does a sheep produce?

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