Style trends, T Network, Yarn
| Style trends, T Network, Yarn
Sustainability and eco attitude interpret the proposal for the warm season which makes 4 yarns in RWS Extrafine Merino Wool in purity or in blends as its protagonists.

Being sustainable for Tollegno 1900 is a question of style, which must be consistent with the company’s feeling and harmonious with its identity. In this context, was born ECOllection, the culmination of a path of awareness but above all a springboard towards new developments. Green, innovative, transversal and creative, ECOllection is available in 4 yarns of RWS Extrafine Merino Wool (“Biolino”, “Flaxi”, “Icewool RWS” and “Woolcot Bio”) collected in an ECObook.

Sustainability, traceability, product performance and service reliability are the guidelines for the collection of the next hot season which confirms 3DWOOL as interpreter and proposes a new solution that mixes wool with Tencel-Lyocell eco-fiber
Born from the collaboration between Connecting Cultures and C.L.A.S.S. , the competition will announce the winner in March 2022. Prize 3000 euros
The dynamic, daily, and different fabric chosen by Denis Frison brand to create an updated version of Gianni Agnelli’s most loved garment.
The company active since 1973 in Masserano, is the first company in Italy to have reached the level of excellence in the 4sustainability® Chemical Management protocol
What is meant by the new renaissance of luxury? How does contemporary man fit into this scenario? This is explained by Shawn Pean, creative director of the New York brand that has chosen 3DWOOL among the fabrics for its garments.
It is spelled T.E.C. but it is read Total Easy Care, one of the treatments that define the yarns of the 4.0 family, which includes products on which various features have been applied jointly. The result? Maximum levels of performance

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