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A 100% natural yarn that protects you even from UVA rays is one of the must-have products of the Lana Gatto summer collection

Its name is Sugar and sweetness does not only describe its label but also its nature. The summer yarn by Lana Gatto is indeed obtained from molasses extracted from sugar cane characterized by thin and silky ‘filaments’ in the shape of a spider web.

After ‘Lupi di Luce’ (Wolves of Light), a new installation by the artistic movement animates the company’s Sala Luce (Light Hall). The artwork will be available for visits from 3 June to 23 July 2021
Let’s know better the world of spinning and weaving starting from the most used terms
With “Sheep to shop”, a tailoring service is promoted which allows the history of your garment to be verified from the sheep to the finished product
After promoting a study among the associates to evaluate the approach to sustainability, the Consorzio Promozione Filati proposes 3 projects to encourage an increasingly eco-friendly modus operandi.
A series of certifications authenticates how much the welfare of people and animals and the respect for the environment are a priority for our company
Two turbines, a purifier and an osmotic system allow us to generate energy and give back the precious purified liquid to the district

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