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| Style trends, T Etica, T Network
Born from the collaboration between Connecting Cultures and C.L.A.S.S. , the competition will announce the winner in March 2022. Prize 3000 euros

Second edition at the start of the Imagining Sustainable Fashion Award, an international competition for an innovative communication of sustainable fashion that calls together stylists, photographers, designers, illustrators, artists and other creatives who, by midnight on January 12, 2022, will have to present their proposals: editorial projects, fashion events, photography and advertising and new digital and phygital projects, social media campaigns, games and immersive and virtual experiences.

We believe in the value of certificates that prove the compliance of our products and processes with specific standards to give the customer a plus in value. An expert explains why they are important
What is the status of Italian companies in terms of protecting the environment and people? What are the limits with which they must deal? Did the Pandemic represent an opportunity? This is explained by Francesca Rulli, CEO of Process Factory and creator of the 4sustainability system and brand.
The project, funded by the European Commission, aims to explore solutions for fair and effective market surveillance on textile products.
The company active since 1973 in Masserano, is the first company in Italy to have reached the level of excellence in the 4sustainability® Chemical Management protocol
They are called Washingballs and Brushing balls the spheres that allow to make industrial finishing saving 70% water and 85% energy. A green innovation that we utilize since 2019. The evolution of the project is a filter, a “biological accelerator” that digests the processing remains and decompose the micro plastics resulting from the washing of synthetics fabrics.
Sustainability and innovation travel in parallel in this process, which is among the main strengths of our 4.0 project, which involves top yarns such as Harmony and New Royal

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