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From the development of a 6 hands capsule among Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A, The Woolmark Company and our company to the role of yarns in defining a collection: : Vittorio Branchizio tells

The French writer and philosopher René Daumal  used to argue that “Style is the imprint of what one is in what one does”. His colleague Schopenhauer added saying “The first rule and probably the only one, of good style is that you have something to say: with this rule you go far!” While Nice summarized by saying “Improving the style improves the thinking”.

More pragmatic but not less incisive, especially for those that work in the fashion sector, is Giorgio Armani who draws a clear distinction: “fashion is what is suggested and which is often best avoided, style instead is what everyone has and must keep throughout their life” as if to say: to define a fashion you can find an abc guide, but when it comes to style the indications are personal and must be found in what we are.”

Vittorio Branchizio is not far from this vison, his profession is designer but also a little more.

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