They are called Washingballs and Brushing balls the spheres that allow to make industrial finishing saving 70% water and 85% energy. A green innovation that we utilize since 2019. The evolution of the project is a filter, a “biological accelerator” that digests the processing remains and decompose the micro plastics resulting from the washing of synthetics fabrics.

Sergio Sala is an atypical computer engineer. He worked for 38 years in the textile field acquiring experience throughout the supply chain. The development of software and IT platforms brought him to develop projects tightly related with the fashion and textile world such as the creation of a geen technology intended for the industrial washing.  A sustainable solution that we immediately supported. Tollegno 1900 collaborates with IAFIL, the company for which Sergio has been working for 16 years. Being two realities not in competition, it was decided to follow a common path in respect of the environment, ed – and adopted using it for most part of our knitting.

What is meant by the new renaissance of luxury? How does contemporary man fit into this scenario? This is explained by Shawn Pean, creative director of the New York brand that has chosen 3DWOOL among the fabrics for its garments.
The editor and CEO of View Publications takes stock of the situation in the yarn sector, focusing on the new way of communicating and on the sides to which companies are called in the short term
95% of the students that attended the two- year post high school course of high technical specialization belonging to ITS system has a job in the specialized area within one year from the end of the studies.
Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi , creators of Shi.RT which elects the shirt as the protagonist, guide us on a journey into creativity to understand how a collection is born, the role of fabrics, yarns, and color.
From the development of a 6 hands capsule among Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A, The Woolmark Company and our company to the role of yarns in defining a collection: : Vittorio Branchizio tells
Birgit Gahlen, The Woolmark Company’s R&D Manager, Europe is responsible for the company’s education and extension programs across Europe and she will lead us to discover the original performance and eco fibre.

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