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Who are the students who took care of creating the presentation book of the spring / summer 2023 collection? How did they live the experience in Tollegno 1900? What are their goals? A video tells them

Their names are Francesca and Beatrice and they are the creative souls who elaborated and developed the graphic design of the Ecollection book, presentation of the Tollegno 1900 spring / summer 2023 collection. Eclectics, inspired and talented, the two students in Communication Design at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan tell about their experience in collaborating with the company, between hesitations (initials) and “desire to do well”, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. The result of their commitment has been so convincing to lead Tollegno 1900 to make use of their collaboration also for the books of the F/ W 23/24 collection.

But who are Francesca and Beatrice?

Student of Fashion and Knit Design at the Design School of the Politecnico of Milano, the young creative of knitwear has been combined with Tollegno 1900 for the 2022 edition of Feel The Contest
Tove Lindtein, designer from Northern Europe, has always chosen Lana Gatto to create her tricot collections that elect 100% merino as a must
Longtime partner of Tollegno 1900, the Marche based company specialized in knitted fashion accessories such as gloves, hats, and scarves is ready to launch its own highly sustainable brand.
Historic Agent of Tollegno 1900, the authentic Bolognese with a passion for rallies talks about his experience in the company and outlines a perspective for the future.
Details of style, aesthetic flair, but also protection during the cold and hot season: the hat is back in the limelight thanks to a young brand that has been able to give new light to the historic Cappellificio Biellese
Giulia Bortoli, partner of two of the brands that partecipated in The Woolmark Company 2021, explains why the iconic yarn of Tollegno 1900 is among its best.

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