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The editor and CEO of View Publications takes stock of the situation in the yarn sector, focusing on the new way of communicating and on the sides to which companies are called in the short term

Over 40 years of knowledge link David R. Shah (editor and CEO of View Publications – www.view-publications.com) to Tollegno 1900: a long-running story that has led the journalist to witness the evolution and growth of the company, as he confirms:

I have known Tollegno 1900 and its Lana Gatto brand since the late 1980s. As well as being a journalist and publishers, I am also a consultant and from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, I was employed as marketing and design director at Maconde, the Portuguese menswear manufacturer that had Tollegno 1900 as supplier. Since that time I have seen the evolution of the company into Tollegno 1900: the change of its product line from more classic to modern, contemporary weaving and its pace-making route into sustainability and responsible production. A very exciting ride!

95% of the students that attended the two- year post high school course of high technical specialization belonging to ITS system has a job in the specialized area within one year from the end of the studies.
Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi , creators of Shi.RT which elects the shirt as the protagonist, guide us on a journey into creativity to understand how a collection is born, the role of fabrics, yarns, and color.
From the development of a 6 hands capsule among Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A, The Woolmark Company and our company to the role of yarns in defining a collection: : Vittorio Branchizio tells
Birgit Gahlen, The Woolmark Company’s R&D Manager, Europe is responsible for the company’s education and extension programs across Europe and she will lead us to discover the original performance and eco fibre.
The value of fabric in defining a man's style, the must-haves of the male wardrobe, the diktats of a perfect tailored suit: a chat with the former creative director of Gieves and Hawkes
Who is the designer of the future and what are his requirements? What professionalism is the fashion world looking for, starting from the knitwear area? Sonia Veroni, CKD Master director will give us some answers.

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