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A chat with the young knitwear creative who will compete for the podium with 9 other talents at the competition organized by the brand under whose aegis all the initiatives of the Consorzio Promozione Finali - CPF fall

Successful result for Viola Schmidt who, combined with Filatura di Tollegno, is among the 10 finalists of the 2024 edition of the Feel The Yarn Contest.

A vocation, that of Viola for knitwear, which goes beyond passion and has been perfected by specific studies… Absolutely, even if the true passion was revealed during her graduate studies in Fashion Design at the Hochschule Reutlingen, where, for the first time , I was able to work with the Stoll knitting machine which fascinated me, revealing to me the infinite possibilities, the technical challenges and the complexity of industrial knitting. But not only that: what caught my attention and stimulated me was also the possibility of combining textile design with that more linked to fashion, experimenting with different techniques, finesses and, above all, different yarns. A process that stimulates my creativity and I am excited by the unexpected aspects of knitting.

It is therefore inevitable to participate in the Contest. Why did you decide to take part? I decided to participate in the competition because knitwear design is my passion and the contest represents the perfect challenge. I also think that the idea of allowing students to work with different spinning mills is extremely valid for increasing our skills and coming into direct contact with the main players in the world of yarns.

Groppo Consulting confirms itself as an excellent partner of Tollegno 1900 for the creation of two projects suspended between experimentation, design and valorisation of natural yarns
An "inspired" partnership is born in the name of knitwear between Tollegno 1900 and the Venetian consultancy firm
From the interweaving of willow, unique works are born which, in addition to giving a touch of originality to the interior design, find their natural place … in nature.
Tollegno 1900 staff involved in a workshop structured by Riccardo Rami Studio. Objective: “to design the new shapes of the future”
New Royal 4.0 and Woolcot yarns were provided to the students of the Knit Design Laboratory of the University of Milan to create sustainable garments to be presented during the event “Feel the Green: Behind the Stage” organized by Consorzio Promozione Filati – CPF.
At the June 2022 edition of the textile fair, the company presented itself with a new image of its exhibition space that it also proposes for the January 2023 appointment. To tell the operational director of RBCreative who took care of it

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