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Encouraging data are those of the web edition of Pitti Filati 88 which brought over 2,800 business contacts and 162,766 page views. Next appointment in attendance in June at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence

Positive numbers for the edition of Pitti Filati 88 which went online on Pitti Connect from 8 February to 5 April. According to a specific report drawn up by the organization, 2,800 business contacts were made between companies and buyers, 3,150 accredited operators, 162,766 web page views, 25,196 visits for an average session time of more than two minutes and 6.4, on average, the number of pages consulted by each visitor. The type of buyer found a narrow prevalence of Italians (1,450) compared to foreigners (1350) connected from Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, China- Hong Kong, Austria and Portugal with 96 top buyers from major national and international brands.

The Facebook group “FTY for New Designers” has chosen the designer combined with our company among the 5 talents who will arrive at the second phase of the contest promoted by Feel the Yarn.
Three workshops organized by Feel the Yarn between Europe and Asia to present the S / S 2022 collection. An important revival of face-to-face meetings that also offered us the opportunity to implement customers
The mix of digitization and face-to-face activities represents the evolution of communication and sales for the sector which, due to the pandemic, had to find new channels to tell about itself.
The tailor-made trend spreads like crazy and digitization gives it a hand, as confirmed by the case of Aldegheri, which offers a customized and made-to-measure knitwear service, fully configurable online.
After promoting a study among the associates to evaluate the approach to sustainability, the Consorzio Promozione Filati proposes 3 projects to encourage an increasingly eco-friendly modus operandi.
The 2020 ranking has been revolutionized, which sees the European Union having reduced its clothing imports by 12%. Contraction of 12% also for the sector's exports.

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