The performance of Merino wool is enhanced by acquiring new features with a nod to technology: Total Easy Care, Compact, High Twist, Eco-Hydro

There is no better yarn than wool on which to carry out countless experiments. We have come to that realisation in over 120 years of history during which research and innovation have accompanied us season after season, leading us to develop not only new products, but also to transform and evolve our core products. Thanks to the work of our laboratory and our technicians, Harmony, the iconic yarn for which we are known and acclaimed worldwide, has reached its 4.0 version, improving its performance and appearance, technical features and its ability to convey a sensation of comfort on your skin. Four times better thanks to its features:

– Total Easy Care

– Compact

– High Twist

– Eco-Hydro

this hallmark yarn has also led the way for new experiments such as “Harmony 4.0 Silk”, in which 100% merino wool is combined with silk, and New Royal 4.0 which, thanks to the features borrowed from the Harmony world, represents the new frontier of ultrafine merino wool.


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