T Network, Yarn

You are beautiful.
And not for that little bit of makeup.

You are beautiful for how much life has gone through you,
for the dreams that you have inside
and that I don’t know.

Beautiful for all the times it was your turn,
but you let someone else go instead.
For the words spoken in vain,
and for those sought far and wide.
For every tear you shed
and for those hidden at night
in the complicit moonlight.
For the smile you share,
the attentions you can’t find,
for the emotions you feel
and the hope you create.

You are simply beautiful,
like a flower picked hastily,
like an unexpected gift,
like a stolen glance
or a heartfelt hug.

You are beautiful.
and the world doesn’t need to know,
you are truly beautiful,
but only for those who know how to look at you.

Angelo de Pascalis

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