A three-year degree in Chemistry dedicated to the eco-evolution of the manufacturing sector designed by the University of Turin specifically for the Biella campus was born in Città Studi Biella

“Chemistry for Sustainable Manufacturing”: this is the title of the three-year degree course which will start in the autumn with the 2023/24 academic year at Città Studi Biella. Dedicated to the green evolution of the manufacturing world, the training course was specially designed by the University of Turin for the Biella campus with the aim of responding to the needs of the area in search of increasingly “eco” professionals for the entire supply chain. The aim of the course is in fact to train people with skills in the chemical field, but particularly suited to the textile field. Students who will access the path will be able not only to study the materials, but also the processes that determine the creation of finished products. Particular attention will also be paid to sustainability, a key point for the conscious development of companies whose center is yarns and fabrics. The university process will be free to access, after taking the TOLC S on the website www.cisiaonline.it.

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