A new project proposes the installation of five European Textile Recycling Hubs in as many European countries where waste textile materials can be processed and new eco-friendly products developed

The expectations of the EU Green Deal plan and the transition to the circular economy were the driving force behind the development of ReHubs (European Textile Recycling Hubs), a proposal focused on the industrial recycling of textile waste. Designed by Euratex, (the European Apparel and Textile Confederation), the idea is fuelled by a necessity: to dispose of between 4.2 and 5.5 million tonnes of waste textile by 2024 which could be divided up and recycled within the EU. A commitment with a capital “C” which Euratex proposes to fulfil by developing and setting up five ReHubs in the same number of strategic countries (Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain) that can be used by the various European nations as centres for processing materials from the life cycle of textile waste. What’s the goal? To make it reusable again by the supply chain. By concentrating new technologies and professionalism within them, the ReHubs have all the credentials to be centres of excellence as well, in which to create new “energy-saving” materials and partnerships between companies in the supply chain for the research and development of increasingly recyclable fabrics. The project consists of two steps:  firstly, the specific aspects of the plan would be investigated with experts and stakeholders and, subsequently, the economic resources to develop the feasibility plan would be identified. A valuable initiative that fits perfectly into the sustainable strategy of our company which, with the NOW regenerated fabrics line, is already in on board.

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