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They evoke the journey of two of our most sustainable yarns which, by their nature or composition, embody a life style focused on responsibility and respect for the environment

Being sustainable means paying attention to the environment and making a commitment to preserve it, but also producing yarns inspired by the same philosophy and creating a new way of conceiving fashion. Explorer and Re-Abarth stem from this reflection. While the former stands out for its intrinsically eco-friendly nature – the yarn is sourced from “mulesing free” farms where the sheep live, graze and are fed in full respect of their rights – and because it can be washed in water without any shrink-proof treatment, the latter is the embodiment of the dual concept of eco&performance.

Using the properties of Pure New Wool, Re-Abarth becomes sustainable, using recycled polyamide. The result is ideal garments for the comfort and performance needs of contemporary man, one who cares about the practicality of what he wears, but is also focused on the “green” component of yarns and treatments.  Starting also with colours inspired by nature and the environment.


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