The series of meetings to present the Spring / Summers 23 yarn collections to European and American buyers earns praise for the significant number of exhibitors and visitors.

Four events held in the main European and American capitals of business and fashion (Stockholm & Copenhagen, Paris, New York and London), an average of 30 exhibitors for each stage, 300 companies and 800 people who viewed the Spring / Summer 2023 collections establishing new relationships or implementing existing collaborations: the “Trade Shows”, designed and organized by Feel the Yarn, close in the sign of excellence, gathering consensus not only from exhibiting companies, but also from foreign operators in the sector.

The stages of the yarn tour thus confirm themselves as a leading appointment for the yarn sector, because it is able to shorten the distance between producers and buyers, combining opportunities for commercial development with opportunities for creative – functional exchange, the trend area has been confirmed since strong style and design impact – and expansion of its network. All characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, favored by elegant locations and moments of conviviality during breakfast breaks, lunches or the closing aperitif of the day.

“The success of this edition – comments Federico Gualtieri, President of the Yarn Promotion Consortium – CPF – has gone far beyond our expectations, not only for the number of subscriptions from companies in the sector, to which some knitwear factories have also added, but above all for visitors. In fact, all the main fashion brands belonging to the markets of the countries chosen for the presentations sat at the tables to view the collections. A result of sure value, which allowed exhibitors not only to implement the strategies of internationalization and marketing of their products, but also to open the way to new partnerships and collaborations to be developed already in the short and medium term”.

“The results of this edition, which marked a high rate of meetings and visits, both in the classic stages such as Paris and in the newest ones, such as London and New York, confirmed that be on the right track. This is why we are already working on organizing the Trade Shows campaign for the Fall / Winter 23/24 collection, which should repeat the same program as this edition: Northern Europe before the Pitti Filati appointment, then Paris, London, New York, Shenzhen, Tokyo and South Korea. The dates are still being evaluated, first of all having to check the availability of the locations, but our goal is to conclude the tour by the beginning of next October “, anticipates Lorenzo Incagli, manager coordination of the activities of Feel the Yarn in Italy and abroad.

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