Tove Lindtein, designer from Northern Europe, has always chosen Lana Gatto to create her tricot collections that elect 100% merino as a must

“My passion is to create”, summarizes in a few words the fulcrum of hes business Tove Lindtein, 45, designer, married with two 2 daughters – Olivia 22 and Louise 19 – who inherited from their mother not only colors, but also the love for the world of knitwear. A world that sees Lana Gatto as a point of reference as suggests the creative who lives and works in Norway, on the coast. “I met Lana Gatto’s yarns thanks to Thomas Kvist – agent of the brand in Scandinavia, ed – and it was love at first sight: since then I have chosen them without any doubt. Then, when I was invited to visit the Biella factory where the yarn is produced, falling in love turned into a solid relationship.

Tricot is becoming increasingly popular also in Italy: not only the “over” but also young girls who appreciate knitted garments for their wardrobe are dedicating themselves to it. Which yarns did you choose for your collection?

For my book “Lindteinknit” published in autumn 2019 I chose to use some products from the Lana Gatto’s winter collection such as superfine Alpaca, a wonderful soft and warm yarn that gives the garments an amazing elasticity so that they stay in shape year after year, Atelier, soft and light, Class, for the look of exclusivity that angora offers, Silk Mohair and Mohair Royal, luxury yarns even at a glance.

But there is one yarn that more than others has proved ideal for the Norwegian climate too …

Yes, it is New Ireland: 100% merino, warm, sustained but very light, caressing on the skin, easy to work with. Merino wool is a safety both in terms of naturalness and characteristics: it is one of the softest materials in nature and does not itch when in contact with the body.

 What is the value of natural yarns, such as wool, both in terms of processing and of well-being on the skin?

Wool keeps you dry, warm in cold weather and cools you when temperatures go up and it is very comfortable to wear. But above all, it does not get dirty quickly and does not need to be washed a lot: it can even be hung up to cool off. Features that make it naturally eco.

 Fashion and tricot an increasingly winning combination: what are the “knitwear” trends for the next winter season?

Given that all knitted garments speak of comfort and love, for next winter to be sought after will be oversized knitted dressing gown coats to be worn on playful outfits composed of tops and shorts, always in knit.

Knitted clothing is increasingly popular: what is its style success due to?

Personally, what I appreciate about knitted garments is their transversality that leads them to be worn on a thousand occasions: at home if you are looking for comfort and relaxation, during smart working if you want to be tidy while feeling at ease and also for a outing occasion among friends in the name of informality.

Have consumer needs changed about knitwear?

Surely they are looking for more durable garments, qualitatively impeccable, better if handmade because they are perceived with a higher value. In this, knitting teaches school …

A must-have knitted garment that must never be missing in a woman’s wardrobe?

A chunky cardigan.











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