Welcoming customers, showcasing collections, hosting courses: a multi-tasking space in the pursuit of creativity and new projects in which worsted yarns and Merino wool take centre stage

The creative centre, which we inaugurated in January, just had to be called TLab – T for Tollegno 1900 and LAB to stand for laboratory. The result of the rationalisation of company spaces and processing paths, our concept of style and innovation is also showcased in a comfortable setting in which to host customers and visitors who will thus be able to get a close-up look at the way we work and feel the latest-generation textile fibres first-hand, along with our hallmark innovative textile materials. Set up next to the spinning mill, in the building that housed the clothing store, which has been moved to Gaglianico, the TLab, which is also home to the yarn collection exhibition, has other ambitions as well: to become the venue for courses, encounters, meetings focused on the world of yarns, fabrics and the whole universe that gravitates around Merino wool, a product with increasingly broad-reaching uses. Diffusing ideas and fostering the exchange between players, including those from different sectors, is the key to growth and our concept is a stage on which all the players can interact.

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