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The brand’s collection for the next cold season promotes natural yarns as interpreters of a strongly identifying style, drawing inspiration from the most renowned ski resorts, from the signature soul of nightclubbing, and from the nocturnal dolce vita spirit

Research and experimentation are the cornerstones of the A/W 23/24 collection by Lana Gatto, which focuses not only on pure natural yarns, emblems of the eco-friendly and sustainable vocation of the brand, but also on blends with synthetic fibres to create glamorous outfits and looks. Extrafine merino wool and baby alpaca thus marry polyamide and polyester, mohair yields to the seduction of metallic fibre, showers of sequins illuminate thin chains that interpret accessories with a strong aesthetic impact, while cotton, viscose, and silk lighten a collection that gives warmth, thanks to the skilful blends of yarns.

The result is garments that clearly define the identity of the wearer, due to the quality of the product, uniqueness of the workmanship, and the extreme variety of the colour palettes.

Whether it is the ‘Classic’ or the ‘Fashion’ line, Lana Gatto aims to amaze for the next cold season. An example of this is the colour chart dedicated to the iconic product ‘Super Soft’, which offers 115 nuances all in stock service, and two new Luxury yarns, which combine fibre excellence and maximum well-being on the skin. The wardrobe of basic style enthusiasts will therefore be populated by clothes and accessories made with ‘Catena Soft’ (40% cotton, 37% extrafine merino wool, and 23% baby alpaca), an extremely soft and light chain that gives life to garments that are naturally voluminous but not bulky, and ‘Arequipa’, the yarn dedicated to one of the most famous cities in Peru. It comes in the form of a chain of raw cotton (55%) with the insertion of alpaca (23%) and wool (22%) dyed fibres for a timeless mélange effect.

One of the two souls of the ‘Fashion’ line, always sensitive to the world of catwalks and interpreter of the market’s taste, is also in the name of evergreen products. What inspires it is the ski mood present in the most famous world capitals among enthusiasts of snowboarding and downhill skiing. Nine yarns, either entirely natural or with the addition of synthetic fibres, chase each other on the slopes, giving shape to sweaters, scarves, hats, but also under jackets and stoles with an evident mountain vocation. Green attitude in the foreground for ‘Sestriere’ (70% organic cotton, 18% Extrafine Merino Wool, 12% Baby Alpaca), light for its weight, hot for the warmth it generates, and fashionable for the shades of its colours; ‘Avoriaz’ (100% superwash Fine Merino Wool), whose distinctive trait is multicolour degradé, lends itself to the creation of warm sweaters and pullovers, hats and scarves; and ‘Courmayeur’, the yarn dedicated to the Aosta ski paradise, which, thanks to its two components – 70% Virgin Wool and 30% Alpaca – is ideal for typically mountain sweaters that, enveloping and voluminous, caress the skin giving it a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Implementing instead the acrylic component are products like ‘Aspen’ (51% Virgin Wool and 49% Acrylic), a must-have to knit special accessories with millerighe (thin stripes) and multicolour effects; or ‘Chamonix’ (56% Alpaca, 24% Wool, and 20% Polyamide), the blown yarn that celebrates the commune of Haute-Savoie, light yet hefty, bright and degradé in its nuances, lending itself to the creation of sweaters to wear on cold days at high altitude. Ideal conditions to also wear pullovers, cardigans, and sweaters made with ‘Saint Moritz’, the yarn named after the cross-country skiing capital of the Engadin. Thanks to its components – 80% Alpaca, 17% polyamide, and 3% Wool – it stands out for its originality, being presented on hand-printed skeins in the name of an exclusive craftsmanship.

But the ‘Fashion’ line does not only celebrate the capitals of après-ski culture, but also the soul of those who do not want to give up the worldliness of glittering nights. To them we dedicate the ‘Exclusive Collection’, divided into six bright yarns that express luxury right from their name: ‘Velvet’, ‘Champagne’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Lounge’, ‘Diva’, and ‘Sparkling’ all have what it takes to bring light to the clubbing nightlife, to the nights inspired by the bon vivre of the dolce vita, to the luminescent galas, and to those encounters where leaving your mark is the rule. The chenille of ‘Velvet’ (85% viscose and 15% polyamide) is the answer for dresses, tops, and shrugs with a velvety and shiny effect with iridescent effects to the touch. ‘Champagne’ lends itself to outerwear, stoles, and clutch bags, thanks to the silver teardrop sequins and the shiny lurex foil applied to the mohair thread. Multi-coloured sequins inserted in a mohair chain dot ‘Cocktail’, while a silver lurex thread with delicate nuances gives light to the ‘Lounge’ chain, in cotton (46%), wool (34%), polyester (8%), and polyamide (8%). ‘Diva’, chain of twisted wool with transparent acrylic fibre, features instead a shiny and hairy fur effect. Finally, the most glamorous line of the collection is completed by ‘Sparkling’, in which wool, silk, cotton, synthetic and metallic fibres blend to create a naturally luminescent product as a result of both the multicolour print of cotton and the use of gold or silver lurex.


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