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Pristine atolls, crystal-clear waters, luxuriant vegetation, dazzling sun, intense light, and a desire to live: the islands that separate the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea become muses for the summer collection of the historic hand-knitting brand Lana Gatto, synonymous, since 1900, with fine and high-quality yarns 100% made in Italy. A celebration of colours and luminescence, of chromatic plays and intense nuances to create outfits and accessories with a strong aesthetic impact

What do Martinique and Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Cuba and Jamaica, Aruba and Grenada, Cayman and Saint Martin have in common? In addition to being 8 Caribbean paradises, they are the inspiration for Lana Gatto’s ‘Fashion’ collection for spring/summer 2023. The Antilles, with their crystal-clear sea, the long white beaches dotted with palm trees and hibiscus, the burning sun and the intense nuances that paint the towns that run along the coasts, have thus become the canvas on which Lana Gatto painted its proposal for the hot season.

Nine yarns, whose guidelines are lightness and light and whose distinctive trait is bright colours, allow you to create outfits, accessories, but also products for home interior design that dress with summer not only the wardrobe, but also the home. ‘Bonaire’ is an example of this, 50% viscose and 50% recycled polyester tape obtained from plastic bottles fished out from the oceans of the Earth that, thanks to its structure and the available colour palette, lends itself to making not only handbags and hats to boast during relaxing days by the sea, but also gypsy-style furnishing accessories.

‘Giamaica’ (76% cotton and 24% polyester) instead draws inspiration from the 70s/80s style, tape with an iridescent tone-on-tone detail inside with the dominant colour of the yarn capable of creating a colour-shifting effect with a strong glam appeal. Mood that also marks the ‘Saint Martin’ yarn, which evokes the essence of the island from which it takes its name, a mix of crowded beaches and isolated bays, fusion cuisine, and lively nightlife. Made with 65% cotton, 22% polyamide, and 13% metallized polyester, ‘Saint Martin’ is a thin multicolour printed tape, in which the silver lurex creates unexpected shiny spots that illuminate every garment or accessory.

‘Cayman’ too focuses on a bright effect and shininess thanks to viscose (80%) combined with metallized polyester (20%). The result is a luxury proposal thanks to the union of two naturally dazzling yarns. Light is also the distinctive feature of ‘Cuba’, a mouliné of cotton threads (49%) irradiated by the shimmering of silver-coloured teardrop sequins inserted in it.

And to complete the Caribbean dream collection, two mix & match proposals that, by interlacing and amalgamating, give life to brand-new looks and full customizations. They are ‘Martinica’ (100% cotton) and ‘Portorico’ (40% linen, 30% cotton, and 30% viscose), to create garments with a classic design but with character thanks to the colours defined by plays of shaded lines full of charm. To create outfits with a strong personality, there is also the duo ‘Aruba’ – 83% micromodal and 17% polyamide, soft to the touch and on the skin thanks to the chenille effect – and ‘Grenada’ (50% cotton and 50% micromodal), slub yarn that lends itself to ‘net effect’ patterns, ideal for evening sweaters, but also for glam beach dresses and casual-chic handbags.

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