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The Fashion collection of the brand for the next hot season is inspired by the most renowned Mediterranean islands and, for its Classic line, Lana Gatto promotes natural yarns and a renewed colour palette for its iconic products. Attention also to interior design thanks to super-resistant and consistent yarns, perfect for creating furnishing accessories between chic and campagnard

2024 is a bright summer for Lana Gatto, which, for the hot season, combines 3 new proposals developed for its ‘Classic’ line with 7 new yarns that interpret the trends of fashion. Natural yarns (cotton, linen, and viscose) are the main asset, thanks to their innate characteristics of coolness and lightness, but sustainable proposals by DNA also make their way – first among them algae fibre, which, entirely sustainable and biodegradable, it absorbs humidity ensuring maximum transpiration, has a soothing effect on the skin, and is hypoallergenic. Colour too conforms to the season and promotes simple and elegant pastel shades for the more classic line, while for the fashion collection it features bright nuances that make the garments immediately impactful. The result is strongly identifying looks that, thanks to the combination of natural fibres and colour, fully express the personality of the wearer, while giving pleasant sensations to the skin.

An example of this are the two new products of the ‘Classic’ line ‘Cotlin’ (80% cotton, 20% linen) and ‘Glossy’ (65% linen and 35% viscose) which, thanks to the fibres that make them up, envelop the body in a light and cool embrace, without sacrificing aesthetics. Indeed, viscose gives each garment shine and luminescence. ‘Basket’ – the third new entry in the evergreen line by Lana Gatto – is instead distinguished by its consistency and sturdiness, characteristics that make it suitable for complements intended for home interiors. Recycled cotton (70%), polyester (25%), and other fibres (5%) indeed allow tricot enthusiasts to give shape not only to mats and rugs, but also cushions or baskets to furnish the home. The most continuous proposal of the brand headed by Tollegno 1900 – An Indorama Ventures Company is completed by the revision of the colour charts of some of its most iconic yarns, like Jaipur, Sugar, and Cablè, which can count on an increasingly articulated and contemporary colour palette.

Colours take the spotlight also for the ‘Fashion’ collection inspired by the Mediterranean islands, where summer lives for most of the year and light is sovereign. Examples are ‘Formentera’ (67% viscose, 17% polyester, and 17% polyamide), which, thanks to the high percentage of silver lurex, lends itself to evening dresses and elegant accessories, and ‘Cipro’ ( 60% cotton, 34% polyester, and 6% polyamide), whose distinctive feature is the ‘Chanel’ effect, enlivened by the use of micro-sequins. ‘Malta’ (55% cotton, 35% silk, and 10% viscose) features a chic matt effect, combining the glam component with a sustainable one marked by the naturalness of its fibres. What characterizes ‘Ibiza’ (61% polyester, 7% polyamide, 2% metallised fibre, 28% cotton, and 2% other fibres), designed specifically for swimsuits, is its brightness and brilliance, ensured by the vivid tones, by the use of small sequins, and lurex, proposed for the first time for garments intended for the beach. Beach where you can also show off hats and bags made with ‘Sicilian’ raffia, which, 100% polyamide, guarantees maximum durability and resistance. Finally, the ‘Fashion’ range is completed by ‘Maiorca’ (70% cotton and 30% viscose) and ‘Minorca’ (65% cotton, 23% bamboo, and 12% seaweed fibre). The two Balearic Islands translate the ‘Mix&Match’ proposal by Lana Gatto, which combines two types of naturally complementary products to produce outfits with apparent contrasts.

‘All our yarns,’ explained Lana Gatto, ‘are the result of continuous research and experimentation and constant attention to the guidelines of the catwalks. All of this always with the utmost respect for the environment and the well-being of those who will wear the garments made with our yarns.’



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