The 21/22 autumn winter fashion collection presented in two workshops which chose Tokyo and Shenzhen for their stages. The protagonists: Merino wool and our worsted yarns

Despite the lockdown imposed by the spread of Covid-19, we have not stopped working in Tollegno 1900. We have continued to create, design and look “ahead” by participating in international workshops, as soon as it became possible. The first legs of the continuation of the journey of our yarns, with Merino wool at the forefront, were Tokyo and Shenzhen where under the aegis of Feel the Yarn, the umbrella under which all the activities of the Consorzio Promozione Filati fall, we presented buyers and customers with the Collection Box, the 21/22 autumn winter collection. A new start with a proactive approach, focusing on an innovative way of showcasing our latest-generation textile fibres: the focus on their individual value has, in fact, gone hand in hand with their contextualization within a wider-ranging project. Our Asian counterparts greeted the with enthusiasm, confirming how now more than ever, the comparison and direct sharing of ideas play a crucial part in preparing for the future. Time to retie the threads then and weave new patterns!

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