The brand-new “Atelier” collection, part of the “Fashion” lines, is the focus of Tollegno 1900, the yarn label looking ahead to the upcoming winter season, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours of South America. But that’s not all: The “Classic” line introduces three new additions, presenting the iconic Super Soft in a colour range boasting 125 colours, including 10 fresh mélange shades

Warm, earthy tones and bold hues embellishing ponchos and sombreros, and the striking colours on the Peruvian blankets and outfits of the Bolivian cholitas: The autumn/winter 2024/25 “Fashion” collection by Lana Gatto is inspired by South America. Ten offerings that invite flair and creativity through their composition and choice of colour, perfect for crafting versatile garments and accessories suited to all kinds of use. This is demonstrated by the “Argentina” wool and cotton blend printed loop wale-yarn, which, natural by nature and soft by vocation, gives form not only to jumpers and suits but also traditional South American clothing such as the chaquetilla (embroidered blouse) and the manta (woollen cape). “Perù”, on the other hand, the multicoloured loop wale-yarn featuring degradè effects in extrafine Merino wool, cotton and polyamide, and also “Sombrero” (extrafine Merino wool super wash and polyamide), both introduce a lively oversize look, kudos to the bulky yarns. Yarns that thrive on skin comfort and snugness, as highlighted by the “Capoeira”, a 100% printed wool yarn ideal for knitting ponchos and maxi scarves.

But the Lana Gatto “Fashion” collection is not just “Mexico and clouds”, it is also tailoring and craftsmanship, elegance and sophistication. Giving voice to this second soul, the label presents the new “Atelier” line, whose intentions are immediately betrayed by its name. The 9 proposals in the brand-new Lana Gatto range, exclusive in their composition and workmanship but also trendy in their colouration and effects, also stand out for their new band graphics and colour chart.

A collection whose products evoke style and sophistication even in their names, with “Piuma”, “Opera”, “Carezza” and “Scintilla” standing out as a joyful blend of extraordinary yarn quality with an eye to fashion.  Fashion clearly celebrated in the different shades, where purples and lilacs are stand-out performers.

What truly distinguishes the collection, however, are the compositions that, through their exquisite craftsmanship, evoke sensations of remarkable softness and airiness. One example is “Piuma”, a blend of alpaca, mohair and a small percentage of polyamide, putting on its best show in “over” jumpers, shawls and scarves that are warm, light and so airy as to seem ethereal. Lightness is similarly a protagonist in “Opera”, a blend of super kid mohair and silk that is exclusively hand-dyed, highlighting the uniqueness of each hank.  In “Carezza”—a blend of alpaca, wool and metallised polyester yarn, where the shine of lurex is paired with the glamour of tulle, present in the form of tiny ton-sur-ton knots—and “Scintilla”, on the other hand, the focus is on luminescence. A viscose and metallised polyester loop wale-yarn that creates an elegant fur effect, perfect for evening wear.

It’s only a small leap from the “Atelier” to the “Classic” line, especially when it comes to jackets, coats, jumpers and cloaks. For the upcoming winter, the historical Lana Gatto line is joined by three new concepts that make the excellence of the yarns their trait d’union. Space is thus afforded to “Cusco” (alpaca, wool and cotton), “Puno” (wool and alpaca) and “Wool Mohair” (kid mohair and wool) for comfortable, sophisticated outfits starting with a colour range that works alongside basic nuances (white, black, blue), “natural” tones (cream, beige, brown) and catwalk proposals.

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