Prestigious yarns for niche realizations that are intended for furniture and lining for aircrafts and helicopters.

In 1968 when mom Rosanna and dad Piero decided to open their activity they already had a clear picture: they would make finishing for carpets. A niche in where their craftsmanship skills were expressed at their best. This skill allowed them in the years to approach also other markets, always related to interior decoration: refined objects, production of carpets using prestigious knitting yarns, and also complement of furniture such as house linen, and customized carpet. Borders are made to be overcome and when Paolo, the son, entered in Benso 1968, other borders were crossed and new opportunities opened up. From the renewing of interns of private aircrafts and helicopter up to the doormat for railways – in collaboration with another Italian producer – new figures came to be part of the company portfolio, although they always remained faithful to their first target: the creation of exclusive products, unique for the quality, in a limited series and customizable in every detail.  Beside the production of blankets and few women wear pieces the real protagonist remained the carpet: made in cashmere, in silk, in alpaca and in merino wool. It is through this last mentioned yarn that Benso 1968 came to us. Paolo Alisio – CEO of the company – explains that the collaboration with Tollegno 1900 started few years ago when they bought an excellent merino wool line. In the name of a mutual style philosophy and market approach, our business relation changed : from customers we became suppliers, producing some pillows that would have been exposed at a show. We used their yarns applying the tufting technique with an interesting result both esthetic and functional.

From cashmere to wool : a symbolic handover

They are two excellent materials that have in common the ability to generate unique sensations to those who wear them but that also use them as details for the interior.

Walking on a cashmere carpet creates pleasure thanks to its softness, warmth and resistance characteristics. It seems to walk on a cloud: a sensation that is physical and easily becomes psychological. Thinking of clothing wearing a cashmere garment it is like being constantly wrapped in an ethereal and intangible embrace

Merino wool is no exception

It is true that particularly the Extrafine Merino wool, is another extremely prestigious yarn. Its softness, the strength of the color, and its natural resistance even to fire, make it a valuable interpreter for the interior decoration products as well as for clothing. All in the name of exclusivity.

Wool has all the credentials to carve out a space in the luxury market: what did change in the last 10 years in this compartment ?

This compartment has grown in term of amount dedicated to the buying: the number of wealthy customers has not increased, but the economic value dedicated to these products has. 15 years ago you could pay 100 euro for an article that today costs 250 euros.

Did the Covid-19 effect also the lux?

The most evident and irremediably harmful consequence of the virus is the drastic reduction of the human contacts. This is a determining factor  for those investing big amount of money. Those buying a luxury article need to have a direct referee and not only connect through a PC. They need to see in the eyes the people that are creating the desired object reserved to few. Personally I don’t see a bright future, at least in Europe. Luckily I receive emails and phone calls that appreciate my job and this is a satisfaction. It is also the proof that our company is on the right way and that our customers recognize it.

Tollegno 1900 is among them considering the projects that will see us side by side…

There are some projects and they will involve the development of some clothing  accessories such as scarfs, shawls and ponchos.

In the name of wool….

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