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The project, funded by the European Commission, aims to explore solutions for fair and effective market surveillance on textile products.

The REACH4texiles, project aimed at evaluating new opportunities for “fair and effective market surveillance on textile products”, comes to life from the collaboration between Textile and Health and Centrocot, partner in carrying out the necessary laboratory tests and evaluating the results. The two-year initiative pursues three objectives: to keep non-compliant products away from the single market, increase skills, increase knowledge and consolidate a network of bodies and institutions that, at the forefront in addressing the issues chemicals in textile products, undertakes to apply the EU regulation 2019/1020. Supported by the European Commission DG Growth, the project team, coordinated by the Belgian test and research center Centexbel, includes the European confederation of the textile and clothing industry, Euratex, the German national textile and fashion association Textile und Mode , T + m, as well as Textile and Health and Centrocot. REACH4texiles will share best practices, identify efficient approaches to prevent non-compliant products from being placed on the market, offer training and support for more effective surveillance and a level playing field.



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