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Lana Gatto's most famous summer yarn, in the collection for 20 years, is confirmed as the must have for those who cross their needles even during the summer

It will be for its DNA (100% Egyptian makò cotton), for the numerous plain and printed colors available which have made brilliance their distinctive feature, it will be for its vocation to create garments with a strongly “summer” attitude, but Jaipur remains a solid certainty for knit lovers. For over 20 years part of the Lana Gatto collections, the yarn, proposed in the “New Jaipur” version, has all the credentials to dress up even in summer 2023 whether it’s tops, pareo skirts, ready-to-dress dresses, but also of pants to show off on the beach or tricot trousers for the evening. Knit addicted who cross needles using “New Jaipur” will also appreciate “Fresh” and “Milo”. The first, 100% natural in pure linen with solid and moulinè tones is perfect for fresh and light clothes, while the second, in 100% cotton, is instead recommended for accessories and bags thanks to its extensive color chart. Three must-have yarns for a glamorous wardrobe!

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