Until February 25, the campus library hosts an exhibition suspended between creativity and craftsmanship

The partnership between the “Le Trame” association based in Città Studi di Biella and Biella Città Creativa Unesco Crafts and Folk gave rise to the idea of dedicating and setting up an exhibition that would focus on the creative artisan excellence in composing warps and wefts. From the synergy between the two realities, “Cucito a mano” took shape, an exhibition of some precious artifacts made by Sunflowers girl, a Lombard group of quilters. The works of Severina Bozzato, Nicoletta Buratti, Vittoriana Cozzi, Giusy Criscione, MariaPura Diliè, Eleonora D’Orlando, Elena Guandalini, Stefania Luci, Giancarla Macchi, Marina Michelon, Teta (Carmela) Petraglia, Anna Porcu and Nerina Porta, will be visible in the spaces of the library of the Biella university campus until 25 February.

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