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Twenty-six artworks created by a movement with strong eco-friendly commitment decorate one of the most evocative spaces of the company. A first installation which will be followed by more

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What unites us are the strong social and environmental commitment, the shared origins – the Biella area – and the attention to the promotion of the territory. We also share the passion for art, represented both by the places that host our business (industrial archaeology spaces), and by the artworks, unique in the use of materials (plastic) and inspiration (nature).

It was then inevitable for Tollegno 1900 and Cracking Art to meet, forming a valuable partnership aimed at putting a spotlight on the combination of art and sustainability.

Starting from the first week of March, 26 Cracking Art yellow wolves will thus find their symbolic lair in the ‘Sala Luce’ (Light Hall) of our company, from which they will be visible because illuminated and placed as symbolic guards of the windows. ‘The choice to focus on one of the most emblematic species of the Italian natural and cultural heritage, so much so as to be protected by the WWF, was not accidental, because, besides being a faithful expression of the principles that inspire our movement, it represents an ironic reconciliation between wolves and sheep, animals evocative of the world of Tollegno 1900’, Cracking Art explained.

The exhibition, which is temporary, is only the first of a series of further initiatives that will see us side by side in the name of a common feeling that makes sustainable commitment one of its cornerstones. ‘We at Tollegno 1900,’ explained Lincoln Germanetti, CEO of Tollegno 1900, ‘have always worked to maintain a constant balance between production efficiency and respect for the environment, creating the basis for a circular economy whose strengths are sustainability, intelligent recovery, and conscious reuse. This is why we constantly invest in systems and machinery to keep the impact on our habitat under control and we develop projects with partners who share our same philosophy of care for the ecosystem, making rigorous and scrupulous choices.’ Based on these principles, the collaboration will continue in the following months with the exhibition, still in Tollegno 1900, of a never-before-seen artwork by Cracking Art. The installation, made up of 400 elements, will be the expression of a new inspirational current aimed at opening further expressive paths.

‘We are proud to be able to be the stage for these artworks, whose value is known far beyond the Italian borders, so much so that we are witnesses of an unprecedented style and creative craftsmanship. The choice to present a new installation in our company can be interpreted, by extension, as a declaration of love for Biella, which is becoming a significant focal point for art. Being ambassadors of the territory has always been one of our priorities that today we share with a group of highly innovative artists who are sensitive to the values ​​we share in toto.’



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