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The company sponsors the project born in 2018 with the aim of helping even less sporty people run the NYC Marathon.

This year, on November 5th, there will be 40 people running the NYC marathon, around twenty marathon runners and as many supporters, and Tollegno 1900, sponsor of the initiative, will also be there to support them. New milestone for “Run to Feel Better”, a project that brings together those who, despite not being professional athletes, have managed, step by step, to reach the physical condition necessary to try their hand at one of the most renowned sporting events in the world. “Run To Feel Better was born in 2018 with the simple aim of demonstrating that sport is health and that, with the right guidance, any person can go from a sedentary lifestyle to running a marathon. Having discovered the benefits of running on myself, both physical and mental, I decided to promote it as a tool for well-being”, explains Michele Stefani, founder of Run to Feel Better and professional physiotherapist. Michele’s objective is ambitious, but supported by tangible results. “Pre-covid we carried out several projects in the area, bringing more than 100 people to cross the finish line of their first marathon. During the pandemic we tried to keep our project active by dedicating ourselves to online training and developing our own platform. This year’s NYC marathon represents a new beginning for us to make our project known on a large scale again.” In addition to the Biella company, some internationally renowned players such as Bonprix, of which, in 2019, Run to Feel Better followed nine employees throughout the year, bringing them to the Big Apple. “Our project fits perfectly for a corporate welfare discussion. The employees have become testimonials for the company, telling their story of change” concludes Stefani.

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