The brand's fabrics used to cover the "Terzo Paradiso" of the exhibition dedicated to the genius of Michelangelo Pistoletto which will be held from 23 March to 4 June at Palazzo Reale in Milan

Active role for Tollegno 1900 in the exhibition “La Pace Preventiva” dedicated to Michelangelo Pistoletto which will be held until 4 June at Palazzo Reale, Milan. Summary of over sixty years committed by the artist to the promotion of peace, environmental and social sustainability, with the participation of all citizens, the exhibition sees the great Sala delle Cariatidi transformed into a mirroring work by the artist, in which hundreds of doves hovering high in space carry the symbol of the “Terzo Paradiso” as a sign of peace. A tribute to Pablo Picasso who in 1953 exhibited the work Guernica in this same room, with the intention of starting the rebirth in Milan and in the country after the traumas of the world war. “We were asked to supply fabrics in different shades to be used to fully cover the large “Ragno del Terzo Paradiso” which, placed in the center of the Sala delle Cariatidi, will also be surrounded by the work “Labirinto” and by various areas within which they will find creations by the artist such as ““Mar Mediterraneo”, “Sculture”, “Sfera di giornali”, “Mela Reintegrata”, “Venere degli stracci”, “Luogo di raccoglimento”, “Quadri specchianti” and “Universario”. “Sensitive to the world of art and committed to the promotion of culture – comments Tollegno 1900 – we are honored to have provided our contribution to this exhibition, a perfect synthesis of the genius and vision of the Master”. A vision that can also be read clearly in the 15 mirror paintings present in the famous Sala of Palazzo Reale, 10 of which equipped with QRCODEs that refer to multimedia contents designed to “tell” the activities of the Biella-based Cittadellarte and its various souls: “Terzo Paradiso”, “Fashion B.E.S.T.”, “Accademia”, “Nutrimento”, “Architettura”, “Educazione”.


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