Sustainability, innovation and research: these are the corporate values interpreted by the collection for the next winter season

‘We certify our willingness to act for the well-being of the world that hosts us. A commitment that translated not only in having acquired the most important eco-friendly certifications in the textile sector, making them part of our green passport and our sustainable identity, but also in basing all our activities on the principle of the 3 Rs: reducing, reusing, and recycling.’ The Tollegno 1900 AW 2022/23 collection bears tangible signs of the company’s eco-friendly attitude, its vocation for innovation, and its constant commitment to research. In the name of these principles, ‘Collection Box AW 22/23’ reinterprets the values ​​that have contributed to the growth of the company to the point of making it a leading global reference in the field of Merino Wool. Composed of 8 families of yarns – ‘Harmony and Free’, ‘Eco Attitude’, ‘Felted and Hairy’, ‘4.0 Area’, ‘Refined’, ‘Bulky Wool’, ‘Stretch’, and ‘Blends’ – the collection is the perfect synthesis of know-how, innovation, creativity, and eco-friendly attitude.

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Graphic design and web development: 3PM Studio
Copywriting: Raffaella Borea
SEO: Gilberto Rivola
Photography: Marzia Pozzato