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In the name of innovation, this process makes it possible to increase the performance of the yarn even more. An advantage that, together with other features such as Compact, Eco Idro, and Total Easy Care, qualifies the products of the 4.0 family

Improving the performance of yarns is our obsession. To obtain valuable results, our research and development division is constantly busy experimenting with new solutions that, with the utmost respect for the environment and the work of our internal resources, go in this direction. The High Twist treatment is among them. A distinctive element of the 4.0 family, which includes products such as Harmony 4.0 and New Royal 4.0, it consists in the application of a much higher torsion coefficient compared to that of traditional knitwear-making. Then, combined with the compact spinning technology, it gives the garment a greater elastic recovery and obtains excellent resistance values ​​against the formation of pilling that are not reachable by normal knitting yarns.


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