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It is spelled T.E.C. but it is read Total Easy Care, one of the treatments that define the yarns of the 4.0 family, which includes products on which various features have been applied jointly. The result? Maximum levels of performance

Quality of the yarn and innovation of the applied treatments: these are the guidelines that outline our modus operandi. Faithful to this principle, we have developed some treatments that allow us to achieve these goals. T.E.C. is among them. Obtained through a wet process that covers the wool fibre with a silicone membrane, Total Easy Care (T.E.C.) eliminates the scales on the surface of the fibre, which are the triggering cause of felting, thus obtaining a smooth and consequently anti-felting surface. But there are also other benefits to this process: T.E.C.-treated garments are easy to maintain, can be machine-washed, and dried in a tumble dryer.



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